British Wedding Traditions

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Great Britain is undoubtedly famous for its culture and traditions. As you know, Britain has a rich and thousands of years old culture so the nation and its people celebrate their weddings with a unique elegance of class.

Destination weddings are most popular in United States and its surroundings, and wedding ceremonies and receptions with an international theme grow more stylish every year. Whether you’re enjoying your tradition or simply looking for some charming and proper sophistication for your occasion, a British wedding could be the right thing. If you are planning a honeymoon, don’t forget consulting this guide to take a flight by British air ways.

You can make your wedding classic with British wedding traditions by learning the use of traditional wedding etiquette. Here are the best British wedding traditions and etiquette.

The Bride and Bridesmaids

The traditional wedding ceremony starts with a flower girl throwing daisies along the pathway to the church, tailed in close succession by the bride with her bridesmaids. The bridesmaids wear traditional wedding dresses that are very similar to the brides. Infect it is a tradition that came from the province of the Roman Empire. In those days, highwayman and robbers and often kidnapped a bride as she made her way to the church. Bridesmaids robed as brides were meant to ward off the criminals. The tradition today exists to confuse anyone who might desire the wedding ill. 

Good Luck Charms

Proper British brides at times sew a good luck charm, such as a silver horseshoe, onto the border of their dress. Brides, sometimes also carry a horseshoe with their bouquet for good luck.
It is a good luck sign for a chimney sweep to kiss the bride as she appears from the church. Rain is a good omen on the morning of the traditional wedding ceremony.
The wedding ring is also an English custom. King Edward VI, has officially labeled the third finger of the left hand as the wearing place for wedding rings in his kingdom. The initial rings were made of iron, but at present, gold wedding bands are in tradition to represent the new family’s wealth.

The Ceremony

Usually there is no rehearsal dinner arranged by the hosts but brides arrange a “hen party” the night before the wedding and on the groom’s end, the groom’s friends arrange a “stag party” at the same time to cheer him a good luck. Wedding invitations are similar to the United States wedding invitations, however for church weddings a formal announcement, which is called “bann” is read three weeks before the ceremony. 
On the wedding day, the ritual is held sharp at noon. Brides and grooms narrate their vows under the entrance to the chapel.

The Reception

After the wedding ceremony, the guests go with the new couple to a “wedding breakfast” that contains two different types of cake. For giving a modern touch to a traditional English wedding, now in place of a traditional wedding cake, English wedding features a decorative fruitcake made from ground nuts, cherries, and other sweet ingredients. The outer layer of the cake is typically called the “christening cake” and is set aside to enjoy the christening of the couple’s first child. The groom’s cake is generally chocolate and hints its origins to the glory of the Tudor period. 

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