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All in one Credit Card Services


The majority of Americans carry seven or more credit cards in their wallets for different purposes i.e. grocery store, loyalty cards, gym membership cards, library cards, and more, that is really irritating. The all-in-one credit card, a new technology, is trying to sort out this problem. This article is aimed to find out the potentials and basics of this new type of credit card that will be beneficial for you to explore the All in one credit card services and features.

What Is an All-in-One Credit Card?

This is a programmable credit card that removes your worry to carry the variety of cards in your wallet. It gives you a magical facility to store all of your data in one card instead of carrying different credit cards, for various purposes in your wallet.

All in one Credit Card Services

All in one credit card contains everything you need in a credit card. With the “All in one credit card” you will get;

  • All in one credit card removes the need of carrying so many cards that make your lives simpler.
  • They are protected with a password and code, so No one can steal it.
  • All of your financial information will be stored on one device, so an all-in-one credit card can be easily synced and viewed.  You can track your finances and budget anytime.

The technology for All in one credit card is still developing. Below is a list of some of the precursors of the all-in-one card technological movement.

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Plastc is the most advanced technological development of all-in-one credit cards. It has a large touchscreen, biometric security images and other features that make the cards more secure and easy to use. Unluckily, Plastc stopped the process before producing a single all-in-one card.

The Plastc device was priced at $180 for the device and an 18-month subscription. Ongoing subscriptions would price $50 per year. Users would load an unlimited number of cards onto their app and will be able to store up to 20 cards onto the device. The Plastc all in one credit card was to mark a large touchscreen that would let the users unlock the device using a PIN code, display information, provide security information and display barcodes.


Stratos presents an all-in-one credit card along with an app that costs an annual fee of $95, or $145. In this fee, they will provide you with all annual upgrades to the system, and new cards when the battery of your card dies.

How to use Stratos

To stat the Stratos card, you have to download the Stratos  app

  • Load up to three cards at a time onto your Stratos card through the app. Although the Stratos device can clutch unlimited cards, you can only load three cards in one time.
  • After loading cards, tap it against a solid surface. One tap will activate the card in the first position; tapping twice will carry up three blinking LED touch sensors, which can be used to select your desired card for the transaction.
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The Stratos has a security feature that allows you to put it into lock mode so it cannot be used without your phone. However, if you do not have your phone or if your phone dies, your Stratos cannot be used.

The Stratos card does have a charger, but its battery lasts about two years. if your battery dies, the app will automatically detect low battery levels and will issue you a free replacement card.

Limitations for the Stratos Card Holders

There are some limitations you have to accept for using Stratos.

Stratos can’t be used with NFC (near-field communication) readers or standard EMV-chip contact readers.


With no annual fee, Swyp is an all-in-one credit card that costs only $99. Swyp works through a mobile app in which users can upload cards. Though the Swyp can store an unlimited number of cards, while the card can store up to 25 in one time. The Swyp card has a charger which should last for a full year.

The Swyp card has a small screen which shows the network, card name, last four digits of the account number, the card verification number, and expiration date.  Users can scroll through card options by using card’s buttons to find the card they wish to use. Swyp can be swiped by inserting into EMV-chip card readers, but right now it does not work with NFC technology.

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Swyp, at present, is accepting pre-orders for new cards through its website.


The coin is an all-in-one credit card, with no annual fee that costs just $99. Unlike Stratos, Coin can be operated without a mobile phone. Coin users can install an unlimited number of cards and sync up to eight onto a Coin device at a time. The Coin screen allows its users to see activated cards with the expiration date and the last four digits of the account. After installing the desired cards, unlock the card either by entering a tap code on the Coin or if the card detects a synced phone close by. The Coin device does not have a battery. Its battery lasts for two years and after the battery dies, users will have to buy a new device.

Coin all-in-one credit cards offer NFC, or near-field communication, the technology that allows you to pay without swiping, and you can waive the Coin in front of the NFC reader. However, this card is not well-suited for EMV-chip readers that require users to put in their cards.

Though Coin offered promising technology, it is no longer accessible as after acquired by Fitbit, Coin has discontinued its service.

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