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How to Apply Aqua Credit Card – Guide for Classic, Advance, Reward & Star


The aqua credit card is a standout amongst the most prevalent credit cards. It’s for those individuals who have a bad credit history – independently employed, money problems in the past or have no chance to get of going to a tremendous amount of cash. Aqua offers a flexible but simple set of cards that are designed to offer you easy options that suit to your circumstances.  Aqua uses the Mastercard network, so they are accepted at more than 35 million businesses and ATMs worldwide. This is an easy guide on the apply aqua credit card.

Requirements for Aqua Credit Card

Whenever you are applying for a Credit Card, there are some standard requirements to apply for Aqua Credit Card. Listed them for you! Consumers have Aqua Card Reviews, New applicants should have to look at them.

Eligibility Criteria Applying for Aqua Credit Card

Before starting any research, it’s best to watch that you’re eligible for a credit card. You ought to have the capacity to say ‘yes’ to the following requirements before start applying for an aqua credit card:

  • You’re 18 years old and you must have a permanent UK address
  • you should not have been registered bankrupt in the last 18 months
  • You haven’t received CCJ (County Court Judgment) in the last year
  • You need to have a UK bank or building society account you don’t have an aqua and/or marble card in the last 12 months

Do Your Research

If you haven’t applied for a Credit card previously, the procedure can appear to be muddled. But once you comprehend the essentials, you’ll have the capacity to settle on an educated choice about which Credit card to apply for and when to do as such.

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Start by reading jargon buster page to comprehend what all terms mean, like to APR (yearly rate) and annual fee. At that point, do some examination around the distinctive kinds of cards and Aqua Credit card payment options.

Pick Your Credit Card

All Credit cards give a different representative APR, fees, interest rates and many other. Aqua cards are made to help people who may have had a bad credit rating and they want to get their finances back on the level. Here’s what aqua credit cards offer:

Aqua Classic

Aqua classic card has a Representative 35.9% APR variable, no annual fee. It is great for those who are looking to improve their credit score.

Aqua Advance Credit Card

Aqua advance card has a Representative 34.9% APR variable and no annual fee. It is designed for those people who want to reduce their APR. If you make your minimum repayments on time and stay within your credit limit, your rate will decrease by 5% each year for three years. This card can be used abroad without extra charges.

Aqua Reward

Aqua Reward card has a Representative 34.9% APR variable and no annual fees. it offers you financial rewards. If you maintain your credit limit and make timely payments, you can get 0.5% cash back on your purchases every year. This card can also be used abroad without extra charges.

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You can earn Avios points by spending from these best Avios credit card in UK

Aqua Start Card

Aqua start card is best for those who are new to credit cards. It offers a Representative 49.9% APR variable and no annual fee.

Get your Credit Score in Good Shape

Whenever applying for Aqua credit card, one of the main things to look at is your credit score that is a sign of your financial health. This counts many things like any financial dependencies you might have, your income, and personal information changes etc.

About 30% of your credit score is determined by how much credit you have made it important to show that you can manage debt correctly. Take a close look at the bank’s credit score page to find more tips on how to improve your credit score.

Recheck Your Eligibility

Always, must check whether you are eligible for a credit card before making a full application. An eligibility checker will tell your chances of being accepted for that credit card.

How to Apply Aqua Credit Card Online

Once you have done the research and have made a decision to choose a card, it’s a time to apply. There are different options for applying

Step 1

Access to Web Page – The first step is to get access to the web page. You need to visit the homepage and go to Credit Cards.

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Step 2

Click the option Apply now – Click the option of “Apply Now” and get access to the application form.

Step 3

Provide Them Requested Information for pre-approval – Provide all the basic information such as:

  • Title
  • First name/last name
  • Date of birth
  • Marital status
  • Security word

aqua credit card apply form

  • Email address
  • Mobile address
  • Home number
  • Work number and bank account number

aqua card apply form

  • Residential status
  • Postal code and sort code

aqua card apply form

  • Employment status
  • What’s your income?

aqua credit card application form

  • What are your bank details?

aquaCard application

  • Then choose Controlling credit limit increase option.

aqua credit card limit

  • Check all the options to keep in touch with the card provider.

aqua credit card alerts

Make sure that the information you enter is accurate. missing or incorrect information could lead to rejection.

Apply for Aqua Credit Card Through Mail

One can also apply for Aqua Credit Card through the mail. You just have to send all required documents that ate essentially for applying and send it at:

Aqua Customer Services, PO BOX 173, Sheffield, S98 1JW

Apply for Aqua Credit Card by Phone Number

You can also apply for Aqua Credit Card by phone number. You need to call at the number below, provide the required information. Aqua Credit Card Phone number is:

+44 113 244 8986

After submitting the signed application, please allow 14 days for your card to be delivered

Aqua Credit Card Contact Number for Activation

To activate your aqua card call on 0800 028 7777 – This is a computerized phone service

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