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Aqua Credit Card Payment – Aqua Payment Options


It’s important to make your aqua credit card payment fully. This means you have to make at least the minimum payment each month – a sum equivalent to the aggregate of interest, default sums plus 1% of the balance that is appeared on your statement (least £5, or the full balance if less than £5). You additionally need to ensure you remain within your agreed credit limit.

In general, Aqua Credit Card Reviews are good. Customer rely Aqua offered services to consumers even with bad credit history. Being in trouble, you should apply Aqua Credit Card if you are facing bad credit score as hurdle to payday loans, home financing, car loan or some good card like Amex Everyday, Avios or RBS.

By doing this you can construct or repair your credit rating, and likewise, you have the capacity to expand your credit limit.

Easy Aqua Credit Card payment Plans

Aqua credit card payment is very easy. There are some ways whether you need to pay up all required funds every month or spread your payments, you can look over one of the six following choices:

Aqua Credit Card Payment By Direct Debit

We can take automatic installments by DIRECT DEBIT. We’ll take a base installment, full balance, a level of your balance or a set sum every month, whichever you incline toward. For more details call 0333 220 2691. On the off chance that you pay by Direct Debit, the cash will be taken from your bank account roughly 17 days after the issuance of the statement.

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Aqua Credit Card Payment “Online”

You can make online payment by your own bank account or on the aqua website After this, you have to wait for at least 3 working days before the due date. Payments can also be accepted by using Faster Payment Service.

In case you have missed your payments due to any reason, you can call on 0333 220 2691.

Aqua Credit Card Payment By POST

You can also make aqua credit card payment by post. For doing this, Complete the payment slip and send it with a cheque in the envelope provided by the post office. You have to ensure the cheque is made payable to the account holder, with the 16 digit credit card number in the payee line. Under no conditions should the check be made payable to the Bank as it may not be acknowledged. You have to wait for 7 working days for your payment to reach the bank.

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Aqua Credit Card Payment By GIRO

Your payments can also be made by GIRO. For this, Call into any bank in the UK showing the sign of MasterCard. Then complete and hand in the Giro Credit Slip with the cheque or cash. For this, some banks may charge a fee. Remember, Payments should be made at least 5 working days before the due date.

Aqua Card Payment By STANDING ORDER

Another option for aqua credit card payment is to set up a standing order. For this, you have to contact the bank which is holding your current account. You’ll need to check that your payment will reach your account by the payment due date and make sure the amount covers the minimum payment (as this will vary). For all the above process you have to provide the following details to your bank:

Aqua Sort Code (30-00-00)

Aqua Account Number (00282448)

Your 16 digit account number as your reference


If you want to pay your account using Telephone Banking, you will have to provide the following information to your bank:

  • Aqua Sort Code (30-00-00)
  • Aqua Account Number (00282448)
  • Your 16 digit account number as reference
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Keep in touch with your Telephone Banking provider that your payment will reach your account by the shown due date.

Aqua Credit Card Missing Payment

A missed credit card payment put you in risk of damaging your credit score. Occasionally even careful customers miss an Aqua card payment. What should be the consequence of missed credit card payment? Calling your credit card provider to let them know the cause and let them know how soon you will be able to make up the amount can help you save a potential damage. However, continued late payments affect your credit score badly. Failure to meet up Aqua payments in time may result in a charge-off, whereby a creditor states that a debt is unlikely to be collected which can be resulted in a  negative mark to your credit score. On the other hand, maintaining a spotless balance sheet could reward you positive interest rate cuts and other noted profits. Meeting payments on time and monitoring overspending will maintain your credit score in a good shape.

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