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Aqua Credit Card Reviews – Improve Bad Credit Score


Aqua credit cards reviews are particularly intended for individuals who have a low credit history, and who are eager to rebuild their credit rating. It is not sure that you’ll be offered a card, however, you can see aqua’s promises to investigate your individual conditions and financial conditions by applying Aqua Credit Card.

The aqua credit card works simply like other cards, however, aqua card interest rates are considerably higher than the normal market. The APR you will be charged will rely upon your individual conditions.

Aqua Loan costs remain the same in case you need to transfer the balance to another card, maybe because you are paying a significantly higher interest rate somewhere else.

Aqua credit cards are completely directed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Let’s have a look at Aqua credit card reviews and types

Aqua Classic Credit Card Review

The Aqua Classic Credit Card is Aqua’s most accepted credit card. it accepts people with limited or even no credit and who want to rebuild their credit history. Aqua has newly added a Free aqua Credit Checker to their features so that applicants can see the chances of being accepted before applying. Aqua Classic’s APR variable is 29.7% which is lower than the standard credit builder interest rate, so you must try to pay off your full balance each month to avoid paying high-interest rates.

Aqua classic has helped individuals get credit. For what reason not try it out?

  • No annual fee
  • The aqua Mastercard is acceptable worldwide  at over 35.9 million places
  • An initial credit limit between £250-£1,200 – which would  go up later
  • No interest on what you buy, if you make timely payments
  • Text reminders to remind you the monthly installment
  • UK-based customer helpline
  • Manageable monthly aqua card payments with accessibility to change your payment date
  • Online account management facility
  • Free Aqua credit card checker

Aqua Classic Fees and Features

Aqua Classic Card fee and Features 
Transaction Fees2.95% Non-sterling transaction fees o
Credit Limit IncreasesIf you stay within your credit limit and make your mini-payment on time
Initial Credit Limit£250 to £1,200
Cash Withdrawal Fee3% fee abroad and home(£3 minimum)
Annual Fee£0
APROn purchases 29.7% variable


On cash withdrawals 39.9% variable APR

Text Reminders to help youMake the payment on time


Stay within the credit limit

Arrangement fee£0
Late payment fee£0
Early repayment fee£0

Aqua Classic Applying Criteria

Applying for Aqua Classic Credit Card you

  • Must be aged over 18
  • Bankruptcy in the last 18 months
  • No marbles and/or aqua card in the last year
  • Need to have a permanent UK address
  • Require to have a UK bank account or building society account

Aqua Advance Credit Card Review

The Aqua Advance Credit Card is the best credit builder card for you if you are trying to improve your credit rating by good behavior and you want to use it abroad. As it is a travel card, it does not charge fees on purchases made abroad but cash withdrawals are not recommended because they incur a fee and a high interest immediately

Representative Example

 If  spending £1,200 at a purchase interest rate of 34.91% p.a. (variable) then representative rate will be 34.9% APR (variable).

You can get following benefits with Aqua Advance credit card:

  • Gives Classic benefits; plus
  • Reduce your rate over three years if you stay within your credit limit and you pay on time
  • No extra fees on purchases made abroad
  • Reduce your interest rate to 19.9% APR
  • Online account manager
  • Accepted at over 35.9 million places worldwide
Aqua Advance Card Features 
Transaction FeesNo non-sterling transaction fees on purchases or cash withdrawals made abroad (but foreign ATM withdrawals will still incur a Cash Withdrawal Fee, which is charged regardless of currency)
Decreasing Interest RateIf you stay within your credit limit and make your min payment on time, the interest rate will be reduced by 5% each year for three years.
Initial Credit Limit as low as£250 to £1,200
Cash Withdrawal Fee3% fee at home and abroad
Annual Fee£0
APROn purchases 34.9% variable APR


On cash withdrawals 44.9% variable APR

Text Reminders to help youPaying on time


Staying under the credit limit

If you sustain your limit and make your payment on time every month, your rates will decrease by 5% each year for three years. For instance, if you start with an APR of 34.9% and you stay within your limit and make timely payments, it will get decreased by 5% after a year. This happens every year for three years, and after 3 years your rate is down to 19.9% APR.

Aqua Advance applying criteria

Applying for Aqua Advance you:

  • must be aged over 18
  • need to have a stable UK address
  • No marbles and/or aqua card in the last year
  • You need to have a building society account or UK bank account
  • No CCJs in history
  • No bankruptcy

Aqua Reward Credit Card Review

Aqua Rewards credit card is a credit-builder card that pays 0.5% rewards on purchases for those to improve their credit. It charges no FX fees which makes it good for travel abroad and everyday use. The Aqua Reward is useful to pay while travelling for food, drink, hotels activities as it doesn’t charge FX fees that are usually about 3% on purchases that are made in a foreign currency. It is not recommended using it to withdraw cash from an ATM due to high interest rates that are 49.9% variable APR and starts accruing instantly, moreover, you’ll owe an extra 3%  Cash Fee and a 3% (£3 minimum) Cash Advance Fee for each withdrawal. Aqua Reward card’s initial credit limit is between £250 and £1,200 and it offers 0.5% of expenses for cashback, up to £100, that is paid out annually.

Aqua Rewards offers the following features:

  • Representative 34.9% APR Variable
  • Get Classic benefits; plus
  • 0.5% Cashback (up to £100/annul) on whatever you buy if you stay within your credit limit and you pay on time
  • No extra fees on what you spend abroad
  • The difference is that it also rewards you for doing so. It gives you 0.5% Cashback (up to £100/annul) on everything you buy, provided you stay within your credit limit and make your minimum repayment on time.
  • So you’re given money for doing what’s good for you anyway.
Aqua Reward Card Features 
Transaction Feeson purchases and cash withdrawals made abroad, No non-sterling transaction fees or
Cashback Rewards0.5% cashback rate on purchases



Cash Withdrawal Fee3% fee at home and abroad (£3 minimum)
Annual Fee£0
APRon purchases 39.9% variable APR


on cash withdrawals 49.9% variable APR

Text Reminders to help youPaying on time


Staying under the credit limit

Initial Credit Limit£250 to £1,200

Aqua Start Credit Card Review- A Best low-income Credit Card

Aqua Start is for customers who never had a UK credit card before, this card has a higher APR as compared to other cards, but is more likely to accept customers with a poor credit history. Aqua Start has a primary credit limit between £100 and £300 and representative APR is 49.9% for a supposed spend of £300 to be repaid in one year. it has no annual fee, but a fee of £12 will be charged if you have a late payment or go above your limit.  Aqua start allows its customers to check their balance by using the online account management portal. This portal permits you to change your payment or repayment date.

  • Representative 49.9% APR Variable
  • Credit limit of £100 – £300
  • UK based customer service
  • Start building your rating
  • Begin building a good credit history with Aqua Start by maintaining your limit and making timely payments.
Aqua Start Credit Card Features 
APRon purchases 49.9% variable APR


on cash withdrawals 45.9% variable APR

Credit Limit IncreasesIf you stay within your credit limit and make the minimum payment on time.
Cash Withdrawal Fee3% fee abroad and home
Text Reminders to help youPaying on time


Staying under the credit limit

Annual Fee£0
Initial Credit Limit£100 to £300
Transaction FeesNon-sterling transaction fees of 2.95%
Note: Eligibility criteria is same as above cards.

Aqua Credit Cards Comparison to Other Credit Cards?

To fully understand the value of the Aqua cards let’s have a look at other cards so you can compare which card suits your needs.

Aqua Rewards vs Asda Cashback Credit Card

One of the best grocery and fuel cards having store rewards, The Asda Cashback Credit Card, gives 1% cashback at Asda and only 0.2% elsewhere. If it’s all the same to you getting your rewards as Asda vouchers, you can get your rewards earlier with the Asda card, which credits your rewards monthly as compared to the Aqua credit card that pays out on annual basis.

Quick Takeout

By using Asda Cashback Card, Asda shoppers will get higher rewards on Asda grocery and fuel shopping.  Rewards on other purchases are higher on the Aqua Reward credit card. Those who have low histories, Aqua credit card is more suitable.

Aqua Rewards vs Tesco Foundation Credit Card

While rebuilding your credit rating, The Tesco Foundation Credit Card gives the opportunity to earn rewards. While rewards on this Tesco credit card are not amazing at 0.25% when utilizing in store, cardholders who like actively dealing with their Clubcard points can boost their rewards up to 1% by taking benefit of the Clubcard Boost program at partners. One more benefit of the Tesco Foundation card, on new purchases, is the 0% interest period for 6 months.

Quick Takeout

The Tesco card doesn’t provide the same opportunity in-store shopping as other rewards cards. But if you are a loyal Tesco shopper who needs a 0% purchases card, you still incline towards the Tesco card

Aqua Start Credit Card vs Marbles Credit Card

The Marbles credit card is for those with a very limited credit history. Even individuals with CCJs or bankruptcy in their past are considered. One remarkable feature is a soft credit check eligibility checker. Check this FastCheck tool before applying to see your chance of being accepted without a mark on your credit record

Quick Takeout

While both cards are issued by New Day, the Aqua Start Credit Card is comparatively better as a very first credit card, as they market it especially at those in the UK with a bad history.

Aqua Start Card vs Vanquis Credit Card

The Vanquis credit card accepts applicants with no credit history, pitiable credit history or is those who are unemployed. Its Initial credit limits are between £150 and £1,000 and a representative APR of 39.9% which is too low. Applicants have pre-application check eligibility checker to see their probability of being accepted before applying.

Quick Takeout

The Vanquis card can charge you a lesser interest rate as its representative APR of 39.9% give you a higher primary credit limit, so it can be a better option.

Aqua Classic Card Vs Marbles Credit Card

The Marbles Credit Card is good for weaker credit history; even past bankruptcy will be entertained. Marbles also offer a soft credit check eligibility checker. Cardholders upon managing their account properly have the facility of text reminders on credit limit increase.

Quick Takeout

Both the Marbles card and the Aqua Classic are issued by New Day. They have almost similar features and are proper credit builder cards.

Aqua Advance Card vs Santander Zero Credit Card

The Santander Zero is a good travel card that doesn’t charge a fee for non-sterling cash withdrawals and transactions made abroad. On average, Santander Zero Credit card reviews are good. Moreover, cardholders who use this card in the UK are benefited from 5% to 25% savings at selected partners by Santander’s Retailer Offer program. The interest rates are higher on this card to pay your balance quickly. Santander Zero online login is also offered to check online statements.

Quick Takeout

The Santander Zero card is a better credit card for anyone needing cash withdrawals from an ATM in abroad because it has no cash fees and charges and has a lower interest rate on those cash withdrawals. The Aqua Advance may be a better option if you are trying to improve a weak credit history.

Aqua Advance Card vs Halifax Clarity Credit Card

The Halifax Clarity Credit Card is an excellent travel card. it not only charges no fees on purchases and cash withdrawals made abroad in the local currency, but it also requires a minor interest rate on cash withdrawals. This can be significant as interest is charged straight away from the time of a cash withdrawal.

Quick Takeout

Halifax Clarity credit card is better for those with better credit ratings, as it doesn’t charge a fee on ATM withdrawals and sport poorer interest rates.

Aqua Advance Card vs Creation Everyday Credit Card

The Creation Everyday Credit Card is an amazing no-fees travel card. it doesn’t charge FX fees on transactions and cash withdrawals in an overseas. It sports the lowest interest rate on cash withdrawals as well. It is amazing because cash transactions start accruing interest straight away on other cards. Moreover, you can save money by getting online to pay back cash withdrawals as early as possible.

Quick Takeout

Aqua advance is the best travel credit card for you if you have a poor credit score. on the other hand, if you have a good credit history, Creation Everyday will find more savings on transactions made abroad. This is also good when it comes to cash withdrawing on foreign currency from ATMs.

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