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What is Avios Travel Reward Programme


Avios is a global travel reward currency used by British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia, Flybe,, Meridiana and Vueling allowing you to collect Avios on flights, hotels and car hire and turn your everyday spending into travel rewards. You can collect and spend Avios by British Airways Executive Club or with the Avios Travel Reward Programme.

Customers love Avios credit card to earn points and redeem them. You can also earn Avios points through various offers from many international airways. To earn Avios points you will have to set up an Executive Club account and your daily earned rewards will be transferred into this account. Avios travel reward programme is a technique of collecting rewards through your everyday spendings like shopping, grocery and bills etc.

These points can be used to spend on flights. Countries divided into nine regions to which you can make flights using your Avios points.

How to Collect Avios

Members can collect Avios on almost everything they purchase, for example:

  • Booking room through Accor Kaligo, Agoda, Marriott, Small Luxury Hotels or with Rocketmiles.
  • Booking cash flights with, British Airways and Iberia.
  • From the pump at BP
  • Converting Pick n Pay Smart Shopper points
  • Converting Standard Bank UCount points and Absa Rewards and Spending on the Avios Credit Card or by Car rental with Avis.
  • Data subscriptions with OpenWeb.
  • Selling a house through Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty.
  • Buying wine online through Wine-of-the-Month Club.

Based on the worth of available Avios Travel points, you can plan your holidays or business flights.

For example,

if you have 9000 Avios then you could make a flight to Amsterdam, Dublin or Brussels. And if you have 100,000 Avios you could move towards Sydney, Antigua, and Buenos.

How Avios Travel Reward Programme works?

Avios travel reward programmes are one of the top travelling programmes because it provides you with the number of places where you can earn or redeem Avios reward points. Business class flight is one of the best collecting ways to splendor your next trip.

To spend Avios points, business class flights and Club sites are the best options. This is one of the points of departure of your Avios earning journey.

How to Spend Avios on Flights

Avios can be used towards return flights with and British Airways on hotel breaks and flight upgrades.

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Your Avios can get you…

Reward Flight Saver and Adult return economy flight for regular collectors
Zone Destination Peak** Off-peak** Hard Costs
1 Includes Durban, Harare, Victoria Falls and Livingston Port Elizabeth 9,000 8,000 Taxes, fees & carrier charges (TFCs)
2 Includes and Cape Town 15,000 13,000 TFCs
3 Includes Mauritius 20,000 17,000 TFCs
6 Includes London and 5 other cities in the UK 50,000 32,500 TFCs
7 Includes 49 European destinations by a UK airport 60,000 39,000 TFCs
8 Includes Moscow and 14 other destinations in Eastern Europe 70,000 45,500 TFCs
9 Includes 52 cities in the US and the Far East. 100,000 65,000 TFCs

Before signing up for the Avios account check Avios Card Reviews, it may enable you to earn sufficient points for your first business flight. Through Avios travel reward programme you can earn 18,000 Avios points per year and make a business flight to Paris, Prague or Berlin if you spend;

  • £500 on Credit Card per month
  • £300 per month on your grocery
  • £100 on online shopping each month
  • Use 100 liters of fuel per month

This planning helps you to make a clear understanding of how far your Avios points will bring to you.

Save Money on Flights

Avios can save your money on the rate of flights if they’re converted to kulula Travelbank credit. Savings start from at least 1,000 Avios, converting to R60 discount.

Reward Flight Saver

Avios offers great value to those who have collected at least one Avios in the past 12 months. They will pay only R700pp for return British Airways flights and the requisite Avios to all regional and domestic destinations including Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth Harare, Windhoek, Livingston, Victoria Falls and Mauritius.

Uses of Avios Rewards

With Avios you can:

  • Make payment in full with Avios or with money and Avios, just paying airline charges and taxes.
  • Pool Avios with a partner or family member by making a household account on
  • Combine across Avios Travel Rewards Programme, Iberia Plus accounts and British Airways Executive Club using the ‘Combine my Avios’ online tool.
  • Organize trips with Avios, with one-way flights and the option to travel in and out of different airports, or you can use it for flight upgrades.
  • Use Avios for cash savings on British Airways flights if you choose the part payment option.
  • Avios don’t expire, as long as members use, collect, or purchase at least one Avios every 36 months.
  • If members change their plan about a flight, they won’t drop their Avios because changes or can be made up to 24 hours before a flight for a fee.
  • Members can book hotels and flights using Avios, can check their balance.
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How to Become an Avios Travel Rewards Programme Member

It’s easy to become a member of an Avios Travel Rewards Programme. Go to or talk to an Avios Contact Center agent on 0860-0-28467. You can collect your membership card from any BP service station and can activate it by calling the Contact Center or going online.

How to earn Avios Travel Reward Points through Credit Cards?

There is the number of credit cards that let you earn maximum Avios points from the list of best avios cards & select the preferred credit card with avios points.  The process to Apply avios card online is as simple as 1,2,3.

All you have to do is, fill an online application, apply and wait for your card to reach your home.

Chase Airways Visa Signature Card

With this card, you can earn Avios travel points directly if you spend approximately 3x Avios per dollars on flights and other services. Chase Airways visa signature card comes up with $95 annual fee but it is not a very big deal as compared to the bonus you will get after signup.

Chase Airways visa signature card offers a Travel together ticket after spending $30,000 each year on the card. This Ticket is said to be a Companion ticket. This card does not offer a lot of benefits but helps a lot to earn good Avios points for business flights. This is one the best ways to take into Avios travel reward programme.

Membership Reward Credit Cards

Not only chase Airways visa signature card but Membership reward credit cards also helps to boost your Avios points. Transfer from membership reward to Avios is not occurring ideally but occasionally the ratio improves up to 50%.

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The only thing to do is to keep an eye on these opportunities to maximize your Avios travel rewards.

By using Avios membership reward card for billing purposes you can 20% extra Avios travel points. You can earn 2x Avios points while making purchases of $60,000 per year in a US supermarket.

Chase Ultimate Reward Credit Cards

Chase ultimate reward credit card boosts your Avios collection. Chase Ultimate reward credit card like other cards also offer to sign up bonus but you only capable to transfer this Avios points into business flights when you have one of the cards either Chase freedom unlimited or Chase sapphire preferred card.

Changes to the UK Avios Travel Rewards Programme

You have heard that the UK Avios Travel Rewards Programme is closing. All members of Avios Travel Rewards Programme who don’t belong to any other qualifying airline loyalty programme are being invited into the British Airways Executive Club.

Those who are joining the UK Avios Travel Rewards Programme should keep it in mind that you that the Avios currency will remain. Still, you’ll be able to collect and spend Avios in many of the same old ways, whilst also getting exciting new benefits. Don’t feel uncertain as your Avios balance is safe and this will shortly be moving to your new Executive Club account.

For members of the current Executive Club who do not have an Avios Travel Rewards Programme account, everything will be the same and you will still be able to:

  • Spend your Avios on hotels, flights, car hire and other Avios travel rewards
  • Collect Avios on hotels, flights, car hire and shopping at the eStore of British Airways Avios
  • Collect Tier Points when you fly by British Airways and its partner airlines
  • Set up a Household Account to combine your Avios with up to six people in your household
  • Be a part of the one world alliance and can get all its benefits
  • Manage future bookings and your account at
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