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Best Avios Credit Cards – Comparison & Reviews


Applying Avios Points Credit Cards is one of the right decision you make to book your domestic & international flights with points for free. This list of UK’s top Ranking Best Avios Credit Cards helps you to choose one of the best option in most competitive banking market.

Today, every bank tries to capture maximum market share with latest, outstanding, competitive and reliable offers with their services. Similarly, banks give you reward points by using regular or reward cards to use through various available options under banking program partners.

Avios credit card is your first need to go for free travelling from UK to anywhere or pre-defined destinations by card issuers & airlines. It offers Avios points on your spending. Avios Credit Card Points may be used in various options.

Avios points are used to get free flights around the globe, especially with BA. British airways with collaboration of banks launched Avios Travel Reward Program that lets to enjoy free flights, unfortunately; it may be closed in coming days. Alternatively, consumers can redeem avios points without that program.

free avios air miles

Avios Credit card is registered trademark brand of AviosCard. It is different from other Credit cards offering point. AviosCard Reviews may help you decided either to apply AviosCard or choose any option option for the sake of earning avios points.

Avios Card issuers allow you to earn points by doing your daily expenses with their specific card. There are multiple banks offers the points with little variations on spending patterns and amounts. Each of them are good at their best. They are partners with Iberia, Kulula, British Airways, Marriott, IHG, Virgin & Avis.

Basically, Avios Credit Card issued by Absa Bank Limited but many other banks offer similar services with different brands.

Selecting the right card and spending in right pattern helps to earn avios points easily. You get points with every purchase. These points maybe doubled simply by spending on BA. BA is official partner of Avios Travel Reward program.

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Once you get good amount of rewards, you can Spend avios points get benefits. Having too many rewards cards but not a credit card for avios? Here is a simple guide to follow before Applying New Avios Card

Benefits of Avios Credit Card

1. Individual Determined Credit Card

Each card is individual defined with credit limit assigned to card holder. Not everyone is earning enough amount to get £3000 limit. Each card holder has fix limit depending upon its credit history, credit score & monthly income. At that maximum spending limit, your card will no longer be used for further purchases unless you clear previous bills.

2. ATM functionality

Avios cards may be used on Automated teller machine or ATM in whole world VISA & Master Card channel partner’s ATMs. No matter you are in UK, USA, Malaysia or China. You are free to get instant cash in local currency.

3. Notification Service/SMS Alerts

Notify me service helps consumers to get alerts on each purchase, transfer and withdrawal from theri account using credit card. In case, holder lost his/her card and gets notification. He can instantly block card to avios more misuses and file a complaint.

4. Protection Measures

Master card purchases gives theft protection to card holders.

5. Free transaction

Most of purchases transactions are free of cost. No fee will be charged on them excluding few internet banking, withdrawals, casino etc.

6. No Interest Credit

Get interest free credit for 55 days from the day of completed purchases at store. Cash withdrawals, Casino transactions, Budget plan purchases & internet banking are not in it. Upon bill payment before last date, consumer will not be charged any interest or fee. Late payments may disturb your monthly budget with high fee and interest charges

7. Lost Card Protection

You lost card is still protected. It is only you who can use it.

8. Other AviosCard Benefits

  • Earn Avios on all purchases, one Avios is R10
  • At BP and Pick and Pay Earn double Avios
  • You can use your Avios to book flights with British Airline.
  • You are allowed you to collect and spent Avios just after three years
  • Choose your own card face from options
  • Access to platinum Master card
  • Membership to Avios Travel program is totally free
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Contact AviosCard Customer Care

avios credit card contact


Earn Double Avios Points on use of BP & Pick n Pay. Check our Guide to apply Avios Credit Card

Few UK Banks offering Avios Credit Card

  • Lloyds Avios Card
  • American Express
  • Tesco Credit Card
  • TSB
  • HSBC

It may be hard for new consumer to choose the UK’s best credit card with avios points. Every bank offers joining bonus of credit card activation – may be up to 4500 points. To make it easy – We have list of Best Avios Credit Cards in UK.

Best Avios Credit Cards in UK – Select the Right One

1. HSBC Premier World Elite Mastercard

HSBC Premier World Elite MasterCard is specially designed for exclusive customers wishing for air rewards during their annual holiday, at honeymoon or annual tour to some new destinations, HSBC Master Card; on spending of only £2000 awards consumer with 40,000 rewards. Isn’t it amazing? But it is limited to use within 3 months of activation. Additionally you may also get more 40,000 reward points on your credit card’s first birthday by spending only £12000.

2. American Express Gold Credit Card

With Gold Credit card, every customer is given bonus double to amount he/she spends. That is £1 x 2 points. You get 2000 reward points if you spend £1000. This is not the all, along with all this. You may be given 3 points on £1 purchase/booking with this card.

In first three months of your credit card subscription, you may be given 20,000 points by spending £20,000 only. Additionally, Every year, every customer is gifted for 2 lounge visit on more than 500 international lounges. Earning Amex Points is as easy as to spend on preferred options including entertainments, ticket booking, gadgets, online purchases & Amex Gift Cards.

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3. American Express Premium Plus Card

American Express Premium Plus Credit Card offers 25000 avios points to every customer who opens new account with bank on spending of only £3000 in first 90 days. Use it for your daily expenses to get benefits. Spend virtually to get 3 avios points on each £1. With British airways, spend only £10000 in 1 year to receive free complimentary ticket with BA Flights. Last but not the least, Try referral programs to 90000 avios points in your account (per year).

4. Tesco ClubCard Mastercard

Tesco ClubCard MasterCard offers relatively less points per £1 spending. Comparing to above three Avios Credit Card, you get only 0.3 point on 1 pound spending on converting ClubCard vouchers into avios. It also gives you Uber Credit, free miles with Virgin. Membership signup bonus is only 24000 points.

5. IHG Rewards Club Premium Mastercard

IHG Rewards Club Premium MasterCard charges £99 annual fee. Like Tesco, It offers 0.3 avios on £1 purchase. IHG Reward card give you free night stay at IHG hotels after spending £10000. On signup, you received 20,000 IHG Reward Points.

6. Starwood SPG American Express

Starwood SPG American Express gives 1 Starwood point after spending of £1 only. Starwood SPG Points can be converted with more than 25 different airlines and hotel points. Starwood Flat conversion rate is highest, i.e., 1.25 avios per £1. Starwood Gives 10,000 signup bonus

How to Collect Avios Points Fast

With each swip on store, you get points. Guide in our website about Earning avios points may help you to get more & more points with minimum purchases and less efforts. Collected points consumption can take to you destination you like from below or others.

Does Avios Points Expire?

Of course, they do. Avios points are save if you spend minimum 1 with 3 years. This way your points will stay as long as you keep collecting them. Do not forget to use.

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