How to Safely Use Your Credit Card Online

Using credit card online in banking and shopping is a wide spreading practice in the Internet marketplace. Unfortunately, online identity thefts and frauds occur frequently. Your credit card isn’t safe from fraud anywhere. Online transactions always bring some hazards. According to the “2013 Identity Fraud Report”, identity fraud activity made over $21 billion in fatalities during 2012.

How to use credit card online

The statistics shows identity frauds occur every three seconds. When fraudulent transactions occur, Credit cards suggest additional protection for consumers than debit cards. Consumers must read the fine print on their debit and credit card agreements carefully to find out the limitations and protections for their cards.

If you are going to get married and want want use card, you must follow some guidelines. That will avoid identity theft and credit card fraud.

Use Your Credit Card online on Trustworthy Websites

While shopping online with your credit card, you should only go to websites you trust. Before login to your account, check if your browser is hacked or safe and avoid hitting unsolicited email links because these links will take you to some fake and fraudulent website that’s set up exclusively for the purpose of stealing credit card information. Instead, go straight to the authentic website by typing the URL in your browser.

 Protect Your Computer from Hackers and Viruses

While shoping online with credit card, always install an Anti-Virus to your system as hackers can access your computer and could send your internet browser to a false website by loading the recent anti-spy and anti-virus software onto your computer. Use only reliable anti-virus software. Avoid adding anything you see in a pop-up advertisement.

Avoid Using Online Credit Card Purchases from Public Places

Public computers and networks are not secure for making online credit card purchases. Public and unsecure networks fall you in great danger that your credit card information can be hacked. Hackers would have been installed a keylogger software that will hack all your keystrokes, including your credit card number and login information.

You should also be careful while using your own computer on a public Wi-Fi as hackers can access to the same Wi-Fi signal and can capture information while it’s being transmitted.

Use a Credit Card Online Instead of a Debit Card

Always use credit card while shop online as credit cards gives more protection against fraudulent controls than debit cards. your maximum liability for fraudulent charges with the cards is $50. But you could be liable for up to $500 with debit card fraud, so if your debit card is conceded, you could have lost access to all the money in your checking account until the bank species the fraud.

It may take days to get your funds back. In this way, your bills will be due and you will face late penalties from the firms you owe. Fraudulent credit card charges don’t take something from your pocket and are much relaxed to deal with.

Make Sure the Credit Card Entry Page Is Secure

Only enter your credit card information on protected websites that will keep your information safe. A website’s security can be checked by its URL. Always make sure that the URL of the page on which you are entering your credit card information should begin with “https://” and there must be a lock in the lower right corner.

How to Safely Use Your Credit Card Online

Check with the Better Business Bureau

Avoid using your credit card online at an un familiar store, rather check the consumer reports before giving your card information. Don’t use your credit card at any website with a poor customer service record.

 Print Your Online Credit Card Receipts

While using your credit card online, always print a copy of your confirmation or receipt. Compare the amount of the receipt to the amount on your billing statement and make sure that both should match.

    how to use credit card online