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Creation Credit Card Reviews


Creation credit card reviews will tell you about features, benefits, and types of Creation Finance Credit card that will help you to choose a right travel and balance transfer credit card for you that are same like TSB Platinum credit card.

Creation Finance is a credit card provider in the UK. It is a privately owned company and its parent company is BNP Paribas Personal Finance.

The company offers simple products like credit cards, including balance transfer cards, Football club credit cards, Travel credit cards, and purchase cards. It also offers protection, insurance,  PPI plans personal loans as well as retail loans, home improvement loans, and car loans. Creation provides a few diverse credit cards, together with a no-fee everyday card. Its other credit cards offer a variety of 0% interest opportunity on balance transfers or purchases.

It is affiliated with a number of brands such as football clubs and hotel chains, so it offers different appealing deals to certain audiences. Creation financial services credit card also offers the cards used by other financial services brands i.e Asda Money. Creation website is easy to use. Their application criteria are according to the average market and they present a variety of representative APRs that are depending on the amount applied for.

Football club credit cards wrap a variety of teams, you can choose your favorite team, and they frequently allow you to benefits i.e. access to tickets before they go on broad sale. Many football club credit cards also allow you to buy your season ticket on them which are interest-free for an introductory period. You have to clear your balance as soon as possible though; else you will have to pay high-interest charges. Creation also offers travel credit cards like Halifax Clarity Credit Card, which gives you points that can be used for flights or car rental.

Creation credit cards are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) the UK.

Criteria Applying for Creation Credit Card

When applying for a personal or retail loan with Creation Finance, you will need:

  • To have a good credit history
  • No blemishes or slip-ups.
  • You need to be over 23

Overall, with competitive rates for all categories of products and loans the Creation finance offers, customers good credit history are preferred and they get the best deals. Though, the customers with bad credit history don’t prefer Creation Finance a suitable choice due to their severe criteria for lending.

Creation Credit Cards are:




Creation Credit Cards Products and Services

  • Credit cards
  • Cheap Creation loans
  • Home improvement loans
  • Insurance plans

Features & Benefits of Creation Finance Credit Cards

  • It gives personal and retail Loans from to £1,000 – £25,000
  • The creation credit card application process is fast and easy
  • Instant online decision
  • Its terms are flexible and rates are cheaper

Creation Everyday Credit Card Reviews

Creation Everyday is one of the best travel credit cards. It has no FX or cash withdrawal fees and has lower interest rates.

Creation Everday Credit card Advantages

  • They have No fees in using your Credit card abroad
  • You have to pay lower-than-average interest rates
  • They have No annual fee

Creation Everday Credit Card Disadvantages

Travelers who want an interest grace period on cash withdrawals. The Creation Everyday credit card is one of the best travel credit cards to use abroad as it charges no fee for non-sterling buys and withdrawing cash from an ATM. Its interest rate on money withdrawals is lower-than-average at 12.9% APR.  The Creation Everyday card charges interest on cash withdrawals at once so if you have withdrawn cash, you should pay off balance as soon as possible. you can manage your account online through the creation credit card app.

Features and benefits of Creation Everday

Creation Everyday Benefits & Features

Creation Everyday  credit card Features
Min income Recommendation £800 per month
Transaction fees
  • On foreign purchases and cash withdrawals, no non-sterling transaction fees No cash transaction fees (at home or abroad)
APR (variable)
  • On purchases 12.9%
  • On cash withdrawals  12.9%
  • On balance transfers  12.9%
Annual fee £0

Creation Credit Card as Compared to other Credit Cards

Creation Everyday Card vs. Santander Zero Card

See Santander Zero Credit Card Reviews that is a useful travel card since it doesn’t indict any fees on cash withdrawals and on non-sterling foreign dealings. The Santander’s Retail Offers program is also valuable as they can save you between 5% and 25% at participating retailers. One disadvantage to this credit card is that it has the higher-than-average interest rate on cash withdrawals among the group of travel cards.

Quick Takeout

If you are looking for a travel card to save you money on foreign transactions, the Creation Everyday card is recommended over the Santander Zero card. The reason for this preference is the different interest rates on cash withdrawals. The Santander UK can also be beneficial if you use it in the UK, the Santander Zero can give some interesting value-creating opportunities by the Retailer Offers.

All Rounded Creation Co UK

Creation Finance offers All Rounded card that is one of the Creation Financial Services credit cards. It is a balance transfer credit card which offers 0% for 20 months on Balance Transfers. It charges a 3% handling fee or £3, that is greater for balances transfer within 90 days of account opening and on card purchases, 0% fee is applied for up to 20 months since account opening. All Round balance transfer credit card has no annual fee.

Eligibility criteria applying for All Rounded Creation Co UK

To apply for the credit card you should:

  • Be a job holder and earning a minimum income of £20,000
  • Have a UK bank or building society account
  • Be a permanent resident of the UK
  • Be aged 18 or over
  • Be able to provide landline telephone number and a valid email address

Creation All Rounded Credit Benefits

  • You can apply for a free extra card so that you and your partner can take benefit of incredible rates
  • You can handle your account firmly online with My Account.

Creation All Rounded Representative Example

Standard Purchases is 18.9% p.a. variable and Representative APR is  18.9% APR variable.

This is for descriptive purposes only and it is based on a credit limit of £1200. The amount of credit may vary.

How to activate Creation Credit card?

Creation Credit cards are posted to its customers inactivated for some security reasons, so before start using it you have to register or log in online account to activate your Creation card. You can also call the provider to provide you with security information.

For Activation, you need to get your card register or login to ‘My Account’.  You can also make a call on  0371 376 9214 or 0371 376 9253 for Credit Card activation and follow the instructions. The call can be recorded and will be charged at the basic rate.

Creation Online Account Manager

The “OAM” will permit you to manage your account every time it suits you. You can have access to your account securely and make changes On your tablet, mobile, or at home.

The Online Account Manager permits you to:

  • Make balance transfers
  • Make payments
  • Set up text or email alerts
  • View earlier and newest statements
  • Change personal information
  • Change the credit limit

To register for OAM go to and click “My Account” at the top right corner and  Follow the instructions i.e.  Your card number, passcode and date of birth and set up your online account.

Your online account gives you the facility to make payments from a collection of cards. Creation accepts the following cards:


  • VISA debit card
  • VISA credit card
  • Mastercard credit card


  • Mastercard credit card
  • VISA debit card
  • VISA credit card
  • Mastercard debit card
  • Switch
  • Solo
  • VISA Electron
  • Maestro

Creation Credit Card gives its customers the facility to change their due date through the online account manager. It also allows you to reduce your credit limit at any time.

Keep connected and in touch by Log into the Creation and get all the latest information on your account.

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