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Halifax Clarity Credit Card Reviews | Travel Card


Halifax Clarity Credit Card reviews will help you better understand the features, advantages, and disadvantages of this travel card so that you can pick the best balance transfer option for you with low-interest rate to use overseas.

Halifax is a banking chain in the UK and it is a division of Bank of Scotland, which is a subordinate of Lloyd’s Banking Group.

Halifax offers a variety of credit cards that are designed according to individual needs. Whether you’re looking for a balance transfer or an interest-free contract on purchases, Halifax Clarity Credit Card fulfils your needs. These credit cards are provided under the MasterCard banner, so your card will be received in around million locations worldwide. Halifax presents a variety of credit cards that give interest-free periods on balance transfer and purchases. It also offers student credit cards, long-term, low-rate credit cards, and cards for overseas use with a low-interest rate.

Interest rates vary across the range of Halifax Clarity Credit Cards, and the rate you will be offered will depend on your individual circumstances.

Halifax credit cards are entirely synchronized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) UK.

The Halifax Clarity Credit Card arrives with straight benefits and is free from fees. With a low cash APR and no FX fees, the Halifax Clarity can be a rocking choice while travelling.

Advantages of Halifax Credit Card

Halifax Credit Cards are good for:

  • Using overseas
  • Paying no fees on FX transactions and cash withdrawals
  • Paying a little cash APR
  • Reducing interest charges on existing credit card debt
  • Reducing interest charges on purchases
  • Checking your chances of acceptance before applying

Disadvantages of Halifax Credit Card

Halifax credit card is bad for:

  • Those who want an interest grace period for cash withdrawals
  • Individuals, who, for a balance transfer, are looking for a 0% promotional period.
  • It is bad for those who need to move accessible balances from another Halifax credit card

The Halifax Clarity Credit Card is amongst the best travel credit cards for using overseas because it charges no FX fees and it is appropriate non-Sterling buys made abroad. As it’s good to avert withdrawing cash on a credit card because of the expense, the Halifax Clarity card charges relatively low-interest rates on cash withdrawals for any inevitable withdrawals. You should try to pay back any withdrawals right away because cash withdrawals start accruing interest charges at once. The Halifax Clarity Card charges the same rate for cash withdrawals as it does for purchases: 18.9% APR, variable.

18.9% Representative

Purchase rate 18.95%

Halifax Clarity Card Representative Example

The standard interest rate is 18.95% p.a. on purchases, so if you borrow £1,200,  the Representative APR will be 18.9% (variable).

Halifax Credit Card Qualities

  • This card is the best for overseas expenditures
  • It gives Competitive on 0% deals on balance transfers and purchases
  • APR variable on its FlexiCard is amongst the lowest in the market

Halifax Clarity Credit Card Benefits & Features

Features of Halifax Clarity Credit Card
Eligibility Checker To see your chances of acceptance before applying
Annual Fee £0
Cash Withdrawal Fees Nil
Balance Transfers Fees None
APR (variable) 18.9% on purchases, balance transfers, cash withdrawals  and money transfers
Transaction Fees No transaction fees on foreign buys and cash withdrawals

Halifax Clarity Credit Card Highlights/ Best Travel Card

  • No fee for using the card worldwide
  • No annual fee
  • No fee for cash withdrawals
  • Competitive representative APR
  • Withdraw up to £500 cash per day
  • Manage the card with online and mobile banking

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  • Accepted under the Mastercard sign at over 43 million places and locations on the globe
  • Secure against fraud when you shop online through certain retailers with Halifax Secure
  • Manageable with the Mobile Banking app

Eligibility Criteria Applying for Halifax Credit Card

Before applying, keep it in mind that:

  • You should be aged 18 or over
  • You should be a UK resident
  • You must be employed and have a regular income
  • No bankruptcy, No CCJs or IVA

Halifax Clarity Credit Card Fees

Description Fees
Annual fee £0
Transaction fee £0
Promotional balance transfer fee 3% of transfer
Non-Sterling Transaction fee 0% of the sterling amount
Promotional money transfer fee 3% of transfer
Statement copy fee £5
Non-promotional money transfer fee 0% of transfer
Late payment fee £0
The arrangement fee £0
Early repayment fee £0

For a cash withdrawal in a foreign currency cash transaction fee and a non-Sterling transaction fee of 12£ will be applied

Halifax Clarity Credit Card Comparison

For choosing which Halifax Clarity credit card is best for fulfilling your necessities, it’s better to compare it against the other credit cards

Halifax Card Comparison with the Aqua Rewards

Those who are trying to rebuild a strong credit rating to travel abroad and to get rewards, the Aqua Rewards Credit Card is the best choice. After you apply Aqua credit card you will see that this card doesn’t accuse foreign transaction fees and 0.5% Cashback is earned at a rate of 0.5% on purchasing.

Quick Takeout

For those who have strong credit, the Halifax Clarity card is a stronger competitor as a travel card because it doesn’t charge a fee on sports and ATM withdrawals and noticeably lower interest rates.

Halifax Clarity with the Creation Everyday Credit Card

The Creation Everyday Credit Card is one of the best no-fees travel cards, as it doesn’t have any FX fees on transactions and cash withdrawals made in foreign currency. It also has a low-interest rate as you can see in Creation Credit card reviews. Even when you are away, with the majority of cards, you’ll get the chance to save money by receiving online to pay back any cash withdrawals as soon as possible.

Quick Takeout

With the Creation Credit Card, most of the travellers will save on overseas transactions, especially while withdrawing foreign currency from ATMs.

Bottom Line

If you love to travel, the Halifax Clarity Credit Card is the best travel card for cash withdrawals and purchases overseas, which offers a variety of balance transfer options. When you transfer balances with the card, you’ll only pay a 1% fee that will not charge interest on those transferred balances for up to 32 months. Additionally, on purchases, you will get up to 12 months of no interest.

Halifax Credit Card Contact Number

If you want additional information about Halifax Clarity Credit Card, you can contact through this address:

 Lloyds Banking Group PLC, Credit Card Operations, BX1 1LT.

If you are calling from outside the UK for customer service call us on +44 (0)01733 573 189 and for the UK use 

0345 944 4555.  For the replacement card or PIN use  Halifax Mobile Banking app.

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