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Marbles Credit Card Reviews


The Marbles Credit Card reviews will help you to find out the features and benefits of the best credit building card to increase your poor credit history.

The marbles credit card is issued by NewDay Limited that is also the provider of aqua and opus credit cards.

Marbles is a fundamental but strong credit-building card in the market for those who have limited or poor credit history in the UK. This credit card helps you get your credit back on path with free text alerts and a possible credit limit that increases every 4th month. Marbles credit card can be perfect for young people, for self-employed, for students, and for those who have newly moved to the UK.

Interest rates of the Marbles card are high, so you should try to pay the entire balance in time every month and should be under your credit limit to avoid large interest charges. The representative APR is 34.9% (variable) and annual fees are zero, but you will have charged a fee of £12 in case of making a late payment or go over your limit. This credit card has up to £1,200 credit limit and you could receive an increase in every 4th month. The representative APR ranges from 34.9% to 69.9% which depends on your present financial state and credit history.

The Marbles credit card gives limited rewards but you can be benefited by free SMS messages to stay on top of your account.  A UK customer helpline and online account management are also available.

Credit limit £250 – £1,250

34.9% Representative

Purchase rate: 34.9%

The Representative Examples of Marbles Credit Card

  1. Representative 34.9% APR variable and the standard interest rate on purchases is 34.95% p. a (variable), so when borrowing £300 the representative APR will be 34.9% (variable).
  2. if you Spend £1,200 and the purchase rate is 29.75% p.a. (variable), then the representative APR will be 29.7% APR (variable).

Advantages of Marbles Credit Card

Marbles card is good for:

  • Those new to credit or with poor credit in the UK
  • Free text reminders
  • Increasing credit limit every 4th month
  • Possible grace periods if you go beyond the credit limit

Disadvantages of Marbles Credit Card

Marbles  card is bad for:

  • Those who want a low-interest rate
  • Those who carry a balance month to month
  • Using overseas

Marbles Credit Card Benefits & Features

Marbles Card comes with many features and benefits that provide you comfort and ease.

Marbles Credit Card Features

Free SMS/text alerts

Free SMS/text alerts are available to help you administer your account. These alerts help you remember your paying date and staying under your credit limit. This feature is important for those people who are trying to built or improve their credit rating.

Marbles Credit Card Features
Credit Limit Increases Every 4th month
Annual Fee £0
  • On purchases 34.9% variable APR
  • On cash withdrawals 39.9% variable APR
Text Reminders
  • helps you pay on time
  • helps you stay under the credit limit
Initial Credit Limit as low as £100 to £250

Marbles Grace Period on Over Limits

The Marbles credit card offers a grace period if you are overreaching your credit limit. This grace period depends on the judgment of the collection team and your credit history. This grace period is not always guaranteed. For example, if you have a bad history of exceeding the credit limit and not paying on time each month, etc, you will most likely not be able to access a grace period.

By given a grace period you have a chance to bring back your account within 48 hours, under the credit limit to avoid the over limit fee. This will also save you from negative marking on your credit record. This systems best works on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday than other days of the week as money can’t be transferred over the weekend.

Marbles Credit Card Eligibility Checker

You can use The Marbles’ FastCheck eligibility checker‘ before you apply, to see your chances of being accepted. FastCheck do a soft credit check, which doesn’t affect your credit rating. Eligibility checkers help you keep away from an unsuccessful application.

Marbles Credit Limit Increase

Marbles credit limit starts low as £100 to £250. You should make efforts to boost up a low credit limit. If your credit limit goes above £1,000 you will see a positive result on your credit score. Marbles card increase your credit limit after 3 months or on your 4th statement.

It will not be harmful if you send a manual request to increase your credit limit every 4th month. It will not influence your credit score. Marbles will communicate your increasing limit to credit agencies. This credit increase is not beneficial for all cardholders as a research by FCA shows, it pays a negative effect on some customers’ credit history.

Marbles Credit Card Activation

Your credit card will be activated within minutes through our automates services by calling the card activation service on 0800 328 2523.

Remember to sign your Credit card with your signature immediately.

Marbles Credit Card Comparison with other Bad Credit Cards

To better understand the value of the Marbles Credit Card it is better to compare it with other available Credit Card options.

Marbles Card vs Vanquis Classic Card

The Vanquis is a well admired UK credit builder card. Vanquis Credit Card reviews tell that it is popular among applicants who have no credit history, poor credit history or are unemployed. Vanquis Initial credit limits are between £150 and £1,000, which are too low and representative APR is 39.9%. Applicants can have pre-application eligibility checker to check their possibility of being accepted before applying.

Quick Takeout

The Vanquis is best for those who have the ability to pay off their whole balance in time each month to evade the interest charges because its Representative APR is high. If you have not good credit history and not eligible for Marbles credit card, it is better to try the pre-application check by the Vanquis Classic Credit Card.

Marbles Card vs Aqua Rewards Credit Card

Aqua Credit card reviews tell that Aqua Rewards Credit Card is the best travelling card which gives you rewards even as improving your credit. On spending, you earn Cashback at a rate of 0.5%, and the credit card will not charge any foreign transaction fees.

Quick Takeout

The Aqua Rewards card is accompanied with two great bonuses for credit builders: it charges no FX fees and 0.5% cashback rate and rewards are also given; whereas, Marbles is a valid card for building a good credit record.

Bottom Line

Customers can utilize the Marbles card, like other credit-builder cards, to built and increase their credit history over time. You have to stay in the credit limit, always pay in time, and should do the efforts to increase the credit limit over £1,000. Because the 34.9%APR interest rate that is higher-than-average, it is recommended trying to pay down your full balance every month so that you can avoid high-interest charges and developing an unrelenting debt crisis.

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