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UK’s Top 5 No Credit Check Payday Loan Direct Lender


No Credit check payday loan means that you can not want to show your credit history to the new lender, and want the loan without showing them their previous credit records. There is a number of companies, offer payday loan without determining your past credit history, but remember that a good lender always demands your past credit report to ensure that the amount they lend you, is affordable or can be repaid. These are usually same day loans without any wait of long application and approval processes.

Best No Credit Check Payday Loan Lenders

There is a number of reasons why people asking for no credit check payday loan. To meet with such people’s expectations few companies offer Loan without any past credit inquiry, but only consider about the borrower’s worth to repay the loan amount with added interest charges. As these loan benefits to lender to meet instant expenses, they ignore paying high interest.


Funding-Options is basically a payday loan lenders with a vast range of options, through which you can choose one that fits into your needs seamlessly. From last 50 years funding-Options carry out their services as a top class No credit check payday loan providers. The major focus of the funding-Options company is to provide loans for business. It would be short-term, No Credit check payday loans or fast business loans. You will have to choose one out of all.

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Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland created a No Credit check payday loan option, to help small businesses to take a worthwhile start. RBS offer £1,000 to £50,000 over fixed rates of interest, even for new customers. To meet with RBS Loan eligibility criteria you only have a satisfactory income source that may be taken as security purposes. You will get your demanded loan amount within 10 minutes after the approval of an application.

Realistic Loans

Being Realistic, planned to help you when you are searching for best online No Credit Check loan provider. knows well that when you are going to apply for an instant payday loan, obviously have some urgent need. So, under these considerations, offers £25,000 or more which will be deposited into your account after 10 minutes of an approval process.

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Cash Lady

Cash Lady also offers No Credit check payday loan even if you have a poor credit history. Regardless of your past credit history, Cash Lady offers whilst short-term loans that fit seamlessly into your immediate needs and also helps to improve your credit record. From CashLady you can borrow  £100 –  £1000 short-term loans. This amount of loan would be variable due to the difference in interest rates. The amount will be repaid within 3 installments. For example, if you want  £250 for 3 months.

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The total repayable amount will be £411.63 including interest charges. So, if you don’t have a good credit history, you can still get bad credit payday loan by simply contacting to a direct loan lender. Short term loans by CashLady designed to help you in a sudden emergency. You will apply online for a payday loan and get it without any past credit check within 2 minutes.

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Net Cash Man

Net Cash Man is a guaranteed No Credit Payday loan provider. Net Cash Man is a direct loan lender that understand your needs. Net Cash Man offers a whole online payday loan. While you are going with Net Cash Man payday loan you will get immediate access to $200,$300 or even $1000 within an hour.

How to Apply for a No Credit Check Payday Loan

Choose from Top payday loan direct lender to borrow. Once you choose the lender read all the terms and conditions like interest rate and installment schedule. If you are satisfied with the terms and conditions then submit an application and wait for an email approval.

When you received approval email fill up with the application form, show your personal information. Select your required loan amount and installment schedule. And get your loan amount into your bank account within seconds.

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  1. A very helpful blog you have shared. It is really very informative,Thanks for sharing…Worried about approval of loan as the credit status is unfavorable. Don t be upset The option of direct payday lenders no thirdparty bad credit proves being a perfect financial provision for you.

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