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Nuba Credit Card Reviews


WHAT IS NUBA? Numba is a new credit card brand, launched in 2016 and established by MBNA that is an award-winning UK credit card provider and was acquired by Lloyds Banking Group in 2017. It focuses on technology, particularly the capability to link payments to and from the card to a smartphone or other linked devices.

MBNA issued Nuba credit cards that is an outstanding UK credit card provider.

NUBA CREDIT CARD Company gives a wider approach to lending money.  Whatever NUBA CREDIT CARD you choose, it offers a straightforward, flexible and competitively-priced credit card services. You will be offered to access a wide range of benefits as a Nuba customer. Nuba offers good customer service with easy account management facility. It uses contactless technology which allows customers to pay easily for purchases in stores without entering credit card PIN. The customers who use Apple Pay, NUBA CREDIT CARD is suitable as it allows them to make credit card payments easily by using their Smartphone.

One of the amazing features of NUBA CREDIT CARD is an easy NUBA ONLINE LOGIN account management. You can LOG IN NUBA  account anytime to check when your payments are due, to stay updated and to know how much you owe. Nuba credit card also offers fraud protection by its fully active team who is always ready to take action in case of any suspicious transactions.

You should be the age of 18 and over and must be a UK resident in order to apply for Nuba credit card. Applications for Nuba card are available online. You can check eligibility before applying for credit card..

Under the SECTION 75 THE CUSTOMER CREDIT ACT, if you pay for services and good by using a credit card, the card provider is legally responsible with the retailer in case something goes wrong. This protection applies to those things that cost between £100 and £30,000. So, if you ordered a sofa costing £400 and the shop you bought it from goes ruined before delivering, the credit card provider is liable to provide you with a full refund.

Benefits of a Nuba Credit Card?

Smartphone Linking

You can twin your smartphone wit Nuba credit card to make swift payments.

MBNA Credit Card Login

Through Nuba’s online card services, you can do change your PIN, get your current balance update, check your payment due date, and notify in case change of address.

Additional Cardholders

You can nominate up to 3 people to receive a card on your account. They all must be aged over 18, exist at your main address, and should be a ‘close family member’.

Eligibility Criteria Applying for Nuba Credit Card

It’s straightforward and fast to apply for a Nuba credit card online. To be eligible for a Nuba credit card, you must:

  • Be 18 years or over
  • Be a permanent address in the UK for at least three years
  • Not be a student or unemployed
  • Be a permanent UK resident
  • Have an excellent credit history

If you meet the above criteria but have a BAD CREDIT SCORE history, you might be rejected. Also, if you have declared bankruptcy and you have ever been the subject of a CCJ you will be rejected.

The Nuba Credit Card range comprises two cards

  • One is intended to tap into the very competitive market for balance transfers from other credit cards
  • And other is designed as an all-rounder

Nuba All Round Credit Card

The Nuba ALL Round credit card is a new entry of NUBA MBNA. It joins the range of balance transfer and purchase cards. Recent Nuba duration on both balance transfer and purchasing cards is up to 30 months. Money transfers are also included.

Nuba All Round Credit Card Features

  • If you make a balance transfer within the first 60 days of opening the account 2.73% fees applies and 5% fees applies thereafter.
  • If you transfer money within 60 days after account opening 4% fees applies and 5% fees apply thereafter.
  • Eligibility checker
  • up to 30-month 0% promotional period is for purchases, balance and money transfers
  • APR (variable) 19.9% purchases
  • APR (variable) 21.9% balance transfer
  • 23.9% money transfer APR (variable)

All Round Card Pros

for 30 months  0% interest on purchases and balance transfers

All Round Credit Card Cons

Zero welcome bonus and rewards

Eligibility Criteria Applying for Nuba MBNA

If you want to apply for All Round credit card, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 18+ or over
  • UK resident
  • Permanent UK address
  • Good credit rating
  • Not  a student
  • Employed

Nuba Transfer Credit Card

Nuba transfer credit card is currently offering the longest balance transfer service in the market. The Nuba Transfer Credit Card is a new offer from NUBA MBNA that is the longest 0% balance transfers category, with 36 months of 0% APR on primary balance transfers and 2.5% transfer fee.

Transfer Credit Card Pros

It is good for those who are getting the longest 0% balance transfers.

Transfer Credit Card Cons

It is bad for those who are looking for 0% on purchases.

Nuba Transfer Credit Card Benefits & Features

Nuba Transfer Credit Card Features

Transfer Fees (promotional)
  •  on balance transfers 2.5%
  •  on money transfers 4%
Promotional Window 60 days
APR (variable)
  •  on purchases 19.9%
  •  on balance transfers  21.9%
  •  on money transfers 23.9%
Eligibility Checker
0% APR Promotional Periods
  •  on balance transfers up to 36 months
  •  on money transfers up to 20 months
Annual Fee £0

Eligibility criteria are the same as Nuba All Round Credit card.

NUBA CREDIT CARD CONTACT NUMBER for all General Enquiries                  03456 062 062.

NUMBA CREDIT CARD NUMBER for balance or money transfer                       0800 933 944

NUBA CREDIT CARD CONTACT NUMBER For calls outside the UK            +44 1244 659 005

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