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Top 10 Payday Loan lenders in UK


Payday Loan basically is a type of short term loan, offered by a number of actual payday loan lenders in UK. You can get a payday loan if you are passing through some unconditional financial uncertainties. Payday Loan serves as a sudden quick help in the time of immediate needs. You can borrow the required amount by assigning a contract with the any of the top direct payday loan lenders. And with this loan amount, you can satisfy your urgent need and then come back to the lender with additional interest charges. Few Companies offer No Credit Check instant approval payday loan and few are more concerned with your credit score & history. It totally depends upon provider and advantages you take from decision.

There are a number of Payday Loan Lenders in the UK, who serve their users by providing them first aid at the time of immediate need. All these loan lenders offer different service schedules that vary according to companies term and conditions. To take right decision on; which one is the best and which is not may be hard for consumer. In this reading, we have discussed best payday loan direct lenders to ease your decision.

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For example, first company is willing to provide you payday loan within 2 minutes, meanwhile, the other company provides same day loan, it may be within 10 minutes or 2 hours. So, only this thing differentiate between two competitive lenders in the market, yet being trusted reliable is another thing to consider.

Top 10 Payday Loan Lenders in UK

Lenders in UK also varies due to the amount of payday loan they offer to the customers. Choosing the best lender will be proven as a good credit history. Always give preference to direct Payday Loan lenders because they have experience and scalability.

Light Finance Payday Loan Lenders has a well-known outlook and trusted as a country’s most quick short term loan lenders. Light Finance Payday loans also offer payday loans for legal purposes. You can go with lightFinance payday loan lenders if you want to start your small business, a corporation or have some other legal issues.

How to apply for Light finance payday loan lenders

The most important at all is to check your eligibility for the required loan amount.

If you are eligible, submit an application

You will receive an approval email

once your application will be approved, move towards some legal formalities (Select your required loan amount, repayment period, Interest rate etc)

After Processing these few steps, you will get your cash asap into your account within some minutes

What Light Finance Offering?

Light Finance Payday Loan lenders offer immediate rescue services at the time of your need.

Light Finance offers;

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  1. Completely online application to getting the loan process
  2. Offer £100 to £5000 Loan amount for borrowers
  3. Get cash within 15 minutes after approval application
  4. Get quick online Instant Payday loans when you need

Sunny Payday Loan

Sunny Payday Loan lenders ranging among one of the top 10 payday loan lenders in UK. Sunny payday loan providers make easy your choice by offering their payday loan services. Sunny Payday loan providers offer extra quick services to meet with your time of need. Sunny payday loan  UK offer direct lending of cash into your account without considering any third party lender.

Apply with sunny payday loan lenders

  1. You can deposit an application of loan requirement without any loan application fees, and interest charges
  2. Wait for approval notice. If received get ready for the further process. The whole application process will be online to save your time and efforts as well
  3. Fill up with the application form and get loan amount within 15 minutes direct into your account

What Sunny payday loan lender offer?

  1. Suuny Loan range from £100 – £2500 for new customers.
  2. The Standard APR for Sunny payday loan lender would be 1291%.
  3. Interest charges over each £100 would be 24%
  4. Sunny Loans offer short-term payday loans maximum for 6 months. Within 6 months you will have to repay your borrowed loan amount
  5. To avoid extra interest charges make sure to repay your payment on time each month
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For example, You are borrowing £100 payday loan for 3 months from Sunny loans, you will have to repay £124 over 3 installments. The average interest rate for this loan amount will be 146% fixed.

Sunny Payday loan lenders in UK providing their services from last 10 years and offer good vibes with the standard package.

WizzCash Payday Loan Lenders

Wizzcash payday loan lenders offer short-term loans for your Un-expected bills. When your bills exceed from your credit limit and have not enough money to fulfill then no worries, come to Wizzcash payday loan direct lenders. Wizzcash is a direct payday loan lender that offers you direct loan amount without any third party interference.


A payday loan is a flexible option for those who want an immediate money assistance and are not able to pay back what is owed within weeks. So, Wizzcash payday loan allows you to repay loan amount within 3 to 6 installments depending upon your owed loan amount. You can apply for Wizzcash payday loan by following steps;

  1. Check Eligibility online

Must be 18 years of age

Have a clear and good credit history

Satisfactory monthly income

  1. If eligible post an application request
  2. Wait for approval email
  3. when you received an approval email start further steps to get the instant payday loan
  4. After fulfilling form you will get direct loan into your active bank account

Wizzcash payday loan offers

  1. Wizzcash payday loan in UK offers short-term solutions for your unconditional financial events
  2. Loan amount ranging from £300 to  £1000
  3. The interest rate is very reasonable and you have to repay the total owed loan amount with 3 installments
  4. Instant payday loan within 15 minutes
  5. Get completely online services

For example, you take payday loan amount of  £300. You will repay  £154 each month and have to be completed within 3 months. The total repaid amount will be  £454 including interest charges.

CashFloat payday loan UK

CashFloat is a trusted high acceptance direct payday loan lenders operating in UK. CashFloat is a type of unsecured direct lenders. Choose CashFloat direct lenders to access online payday loans. CashFloat performs affordability check before accomplishing your payday loan application. CashFloat payday loan lenders redesign their loan according to customer’s needs and making loans more efficient, safer and affordable.

Cashfloat offers

If you facing an unwanted financial crisis

  1. CashFloat payday loan offers £200 – £1100 short term loans
  2. Short-term Bad Credit payday loan
  3. Get instant payday loan within 90 seconds if you are applied during a working day and if you need immediate loan during weekend CashFloat do their best to meet your requirements through online loan helpline
  4. Perfect Payday loan alternatives
  5. Responsible and dutiful policies

Apply for Cashfloat instant payday loan

If you are looking for a quick approval payday loan lenders then CashFloat will be the right choice. CashFloat instant payday loan lenders become crazy when you ask for help.

CashFloat offers direct payday loans in two ways, whether you get online or come to the bank. It’s all up to you. The online application is more convenient and time-saving then going to the bank and ask for the loan.

CashFloat payday loan lenders are from UK, and offer safe and affordable loan amounts for their customers.

  1. When you apply for payday loan, Cashfloat checks your ability to repay by asking some security questions
  2. According to asked questions if you are eligible for  loan CashFloat sent an approval email
  3. Click to improve and get your loan amount directly into the bank account

Always make installments within time each month because late repayments can cause serious money problems.

Quick Quid Payday Loan

In our fast-paced world, everyone is looking for instant payday loans when they face financial difficulties. At this time Quick Quid instant payday loans are the best choice to make. If you are passing through a hard financial time, apply for Quick Quid payday loans, all online. You need to contact a direct lender to receive money as soon as possible. Quick Quid offer short-term loans for 24 hours and 365 days a year.

Quick quid offers

  1. Quick Quid offers a payday loan up to £1000 for new customers and if you are a regular customer you can apply for £1500
  2. Cheap loans with low interest rates
  3. Legitimate alternative options in the UK
  4. Direct financial conduct authority
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Quick Quid loans help to be used as temporary solutions when you are in a financial disability. You can use this offer again and again at the time of need if you fulfill all the repayments on time.

For example, if you borrow loan of £300, then you will have to repay £378 within 2 months. The interest charges will be £156 and representative rate 1294.1% (fixed).

How to apply for quick quid payday loan?

You can avail instant payday loan from Quick Quid by following few steps;

  1. Check Eligibility Online
  2. Sign up for Quick Quid Online account
  3. Add personal information ( Name, Father name, Email, etc)
  4. Add Work detail (The type of work, monthly income, savings etc)
  5. Select Loan
  6. Check the given details

Once you apply, Quick Quid process your application and give you a final approval notice. After approval, you will get the online payday loan within 10 minutes.

Satsuma Payday Loan Providers

Satsuma is one of the leading provident of payday loans having 135 years of experience in helping people’s. Satsuma offers satisfactory customer services within 1 hour after the approval process. Satsuma is a short term direct payday loan lender for maximum 9 months.

For example, if you borrow £380 for 9 months. The rate of applicable interest will be 122.1% and the total amount repayable will be 729.05%.

Satsuma offers

  1. Instant payday loans up to £1000 within 1 hour after approval
  2. Customer Satisfaction in the UK
  3. No hidden costs or fee
  4. Satsuma protects your credit scores and informs you every month about credit results
  5. Easy to contact ( whole online) and straightforward to process
  6. Approval for a payday loan only subjects to the successful repayment affordability

Once you approved for a payday loan then you will get your required amount within 1 hour. If you are interested to get a satisfactory payday loan service, visit  and get your immediate money rescue.

Mr.Lender Payday Loan

Mr.Lender is a simple, flexible and short-term is one of the top 10  payday loan providers in the UK. Offer short-term payday loans minimum for 3 months. Mr.Lender make it clear for you to make a suitable loan selection. Mr.Lender is an experienced to provide responsible lending services since long. Mr.Lender is willing to provide short-term payday loans to thousands of people every month and get 98% feedback from about 18,500 customers.

Mr.Lender offers their actual payday loan services completely online and process your application as soon as possible.

What Mr.lender offers?

  1. Simple Short-term flexible payday loans
  2. No late fees charges
  3. Completely Online process
  4. Borrowing limit for new customers is £500 and £1200 for those who return to Mr.Lender more than once
  5. Eligibility requires only affordability to repay owed amount
  6. You can access your required amount within an hour after application

You can apply online to access Mr. Lender payday loans immediately. The whole application process is easy and straightforward. You can approach your required loan amount after approval notification.

The unique privacy policy of Mr. Lender is the thing that makes it different and secured from other actual payday loan lenders. When going with Mr.Lender avoid late repayments because it may cause serious money problems and expensive loans in the future. If you are interested to borrow payday loan from Mr.Lender visit

Swift Money Payday Loan Lenders in UK

Swift Money direct payday loan lenders in UK are able to provide their services for 24 hours a day. Upon approval, you will get up to £1000 deposited into your account within 10 minutes. Like other lenders in the UK, Swift Money does not take time to process the application within hours. Swift Money achieves the highest rank in the market due to its one-page application process to get the instant payday loan. The application process would be completely online. You just need to give some security checks, that you are able to repay owed money each month on time.

Swift Money Payday loan is not suitable for long-term loan. You can apply a maximum of 30 days or 60 days repaid with very reasonable interest charges. For example, You owed loan amount of £250 for 30 days, representative APR would be 1255.66% and total amount repaid would be £310 including 292.25% interest charges.

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Swift money offers

  1. Swift Money Payday loan lenders in UK offers very high acceptance rates
  2. Online application process
  3. Ensure Strict data protection
  4. Need not any previous credit record
  5. Instant payday loans up to £1000 within 10 minutes
  6. Like other payday loan lenders in United Kingdom, Swift Money does not need any project proof where you are going to use this loan
  7. Very low interest charges
  8. FCA Authorised

How to apply for sWIFT mONEY PAYDAY LOAN?

  1. To get Swift money payday loans Signup online to submit your application
  2. Wait for approval email to process further
  3. If you are eligible you will receive approval email within 1 hour after application submission
  4. If approved, add some of your required information and select loan amount you want to owe
  5. The last step is to get direct deposit into your account

Make sure to repay loan amount each month on time, late repayments may cause serious money problems. If you are interested with Swift Money payday loan lenders to borrow some loan please visit

Pounds to Pocket Payday Loan Lenders in UK

Pound to Pocket is also one of the top 10 payday loan lenders in United Kingdom, looking to find ways to enhance your finance and provide you with timely money help when you are facing financial loss. Pound to the pocket is a friendly, flexible and efficient payday loan lender. You can apply for £2,000 or more for a minimum 6 months and maximum 12 months. Pounds to pocket payday loan lenders stand 24 hours a day to fully satisfy their customers.

Pound to Pocket offers

Pound to pocket payday loan lenders in UK, offers helpful, fully authorized and customer satisfactory services.

  1. The satisfactory Loan amount that easily fulfills any of the short-term money need
  2. You can apply for more than £2,000 will be repaid within 6 or 12 months
  3. Enhanced customer services
  4. You can also choose a representative to own its own that fits your budget
  5. Flexible and easy to understand

Apply for Pound to Pocket

  1. You can apply for more than £2,000 for short-term money need
  2. Wait for the application decision
  3. If your application would be approved you can get your loan amount with 10 minutes into your bank account
  4. Select repayment schedule

Pound to Pocket Actual payday lenders offers its services only for UK residents aged 18 years or more. And have enough source of income to repay the owed amount each month on time.

To visit Pound to pocket payday loan lenders in UK check

Money Boat Payday Loan Lenders in UK

Money Boat direct payday loan lenders in UK aims to provide you with affordable short-term loans when your finance flow hits you badly. While going with Money Boat payday loan lenders you can apply for minimum £800 and maximum amount will be according to borrowers immediate money need. Money Boat is willing to provide its Online services during standard business hours. You can get your loan amount within 10 minutes after applying. Money Boat does their best to provide you with the responsive and satisfactory response because customer satisfaction is their first priority.

Money Boat offers

  1. You can directly apply for short-time installment loans
  2. The owed amount will be repaid within 6 months limit
  3. You can apply for £800 if, new customer and returning customers can apply for £1500 that fits into your need
  4. Money Boat doesn’t charge any up-front fees or hidden interest charges
  5. The whole application process will be online or via email
  6. You can get same day payday loan while going with Money Boat

You can apply for a payday loan from Money Boat if you are 18 years of age and permanent UK citizen. Also, you must have a minimum net monthly income of £1,000. The process to apply is quite easy, you just have to apply online by giving the reason, why you are going to owe this loan and as a security, you will have to add your net monthly income. Within 10 minutes after application approval, you will get loan amount directly into your account.

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