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How to Pay (Royal Bank of Scotland) RBS Credit Card Payment – Options & Guide


Here is how to pay RBS credit card payment using whichever way suits you. Getting the most out of your rbs credit card, and keeping up a decent installment record, implies finding an installment technique that suits your requirements. RBS offers card payment options which suit your budget & convenience with lowest credit card charges.

RBS offers Corporate & Personal banking to local & international clients. RBS Credit Card Services & Banking products build a milestone to acquire a stronger market share. According to Stastia, UK Bank Market share is captured by Royal Bank of Scotland is 18% because of its astonishing customer’s RBS credit card reviews.

rbs bank share in uk

RBS Card is like other UK Bank credit cards with value-added services of paying your credit bills online using your mobile phone through apps available in the Android store & Apple store. With each payment you make, you can earn RBS rewards to use as per your needs. Apply rbs card to be easy even paying your bills by dialing their phone number or login into Royal Bank of Scotland Online Services.

Still finding other ways?

Yes, customers can pay through traditional mailing services.

Do you want to know “how to pay RBS credit card payments yourself”? it’s really very easy to do. There are a number of manners you can pay your make RBS credit card payments:

  • By Mobile app
  • By Digital Banking (by a Royal Bank of Scotland current account)
  • By credit card online services:

By Debit Card and by Direct Debit

  • By Royal Bank of Scotland branches
  • By mail
  • By another bank’s online Telephone banking Service (up to 2 hours via faster payment)

Let’s see rbs credit card payments options in detail.

Pay for RBS Credit Card via Mobile App

rbs card mobile app preview

First of all, you have to:

  1. Log in RBS bank via your Mobile app
  2. Navigate to rbs credit card account and select “pay credit card”
  3. Choose the desired account from which you want to make payment of your RBS credit card
  4. Choose payment amount whether from the pre-defined amount or enter another
  5. Check payment details and confirm

The above process will confirm your payment within 2 hours in your requested account.

Pay Credit Card Bill By Digital Banking

rbs digital banking registration

  1. Go to
  2. Login here
  3. From the left -hand menu, select ‘payment and transfers’
  4. Go to ‘make payment to transfer’ menu and select ‘make a payment and transfer’
  5. Select the desired account to pay from

Note: Pick ‘To’ from the drop-down list in case you are making payment from your own rbs credit card, otherwise pick ‘pay someone new’ and insert the name of credit card’s provider, account number and sort code as well.

For reference Insert 16 digit credit card numbers.

Select ‘Next’ after inserting amount and payment date and confirm the details

Note: At this point, you have to affirm your payment with a card-reader (trail on-screen instructions)

Pick ‘Confirm’ to confirm your payment

Payment will be confirmed within 2 hours.

By Credit Card Online Services

First of all, REGISTER RBS Credit Card online services & after registration, you can pay rbs credit card payments. You can also cancel RBS Credit Card anytime within minutes. By using your credit card or by establishing a direct debit you can pay off part or all of the shown balance on your credit card statement online.

There are 2 ways for online credit card payments.

For registration Go to

rbs credit card services registration

RBS Credit Card Payment by Debit Card

  1. From the main menu pick ‘Payments and transfers’ option
  2. Pick ‘Pay by debit card’ option
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions after making payment to your rbs credit card

Note: It may commence two days to clear your payment; however we antedate it to the same date you made the payment.

RBS Credit Card Payment by Direct Debit

  1. From the main menu pick ‘Account management’
  2. Pick ‘Account services’
  3. Select ‘Pay your Royal Bank of Scotland Credit Card by Direct Debit’.

Note:  by ‘Online Direct Debit form’ link you can set up a direct access. By clicking Direct Debit form’ link a copy of the direct debit form can be printed.

RBS Card Payment in Branch

Rbs credit cards payment can be made through your current account via Chip and PIN after a record has been set up. If you want assistance in this regard; visit the nearest branch along with your RBS credit card details.

Royal Bank of Scotland Credit Card payment By mail

Make rbs Credit card payment by post as well. For this, your cheque should be payable to Royal Bank of Scotland. After that send this cheque and bank giro credit slip to the following RBS Card payment address:

Royal Bank of Scotland Milton Keynes, MK77 1SE.

Payment will be completed within 7 working days.

Note: Cheque ought to be cleared before acceptance of payment and must not be post-dated.

By using another Bank’s Online or Phone Banking Service

If you want to make your rbs credit card payment by using other banks online or telephone banking service, from your bank Girgo slip, quote your credit card number and sort code.

Quote 00000000 in case bank account number is requested.

Faster payments will take 2 hours and other payments will spam on 3 working days.

Note: These details can’t be used for a Chaps payment

RBS Credit Card Services Number

0345 600 2230

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