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Santander Credit Card Activation Full Guide – Step to Step


Santander is UK based bank offering accounts, credit cards, debit cards, insurance, loan, mortgage and investment opportunities. Santander provides vast range of credit cards which includes All in One credit card, Everyday Credit Card, All in one, Santander World EliteTM Mastercard®, Zero Credit Card.

Each of the card has different benefits to consumer & £0-£15 monthly fee.

Some Important information to consider before applying credit card with Santander

Say no to Interest

Me or you or even any multi millionaire in world will not be willing to pay extra than consumed amounts. Bank Cards are limited amount short-term loans for limited period. Yes, it is both with zero interest & high interest. It totally depends upon your payment decisions.

If you pay your credit card bill within 56 days of purchase. You are free to pay only consumed amount but you will be charged interest on daily basis after 57th day. Do it before time to build your better credit score too.

Although, there is no interest free period on balance transfer & ATM cash withdrawal transactions.

Most of the old customer cancel santader credit card for interest charges, Interest after free period is charged high. Paying full credit on time can save your from extra overload.

Santander Credit Card Charges for Using Abroad

Credit Card Non Sterling transaction fee for purchases Non sterling transaction fee for cash withdrawals Cash withdrawal fee
All in One Credit Card 0% 0% 3% (min £3)
Everyday Credit Card 2.95% 2.95% 3% (min £3)
Zero Credit Card 0% 0% 0%
Santander World EliteTM Mastercard® 0% 0% 3% (min £3)
1I2I3 Credit Card (no longer on sale) 0% 0% 3% (min £3)
All other Santander Credit Cards  2.95%  2.95% 3% (min £3)


Late Payment Charges

Bank charges £12 flat late payment fee upon failing to repay on time. You are free to pay minimum payment mentioned in your card bill. You can pay your santander card bill using phone, post, online banking, branch and direct debit option

Auto Payments

Santander can take credit card bill payment automatically from your account with Santander group.

Santander Credit Card Activation Steps

The next step after receiving card is to get it activated to use anywhere in world. Credit card can be activated with the following methods

Basic Activation Requirements

  • You must have £7,500.00 annual income
  • You should be above 18 years
  • You must be UK Resident
  • Must have good credit score

Activate Card by Call

Simply Dial 0800 9 123 123

Activate with Santander Online Login

Go to Online Credit Card Login page, create your account there

santander online account signup

Signup Requirements

  • First & Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Registered with bank Phone number/Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Permanent address
  • PIN (TPIN/Online Authentication PIN received on your phone)
  • SSN (Social Security Number)
  • Bank account number
  • User name you want to set

Once after signup with bank, you will receive an email & telephone call/sms by bank to confirm your signup. After signup, simply Login

or If you already have account, login

santander online registration

The complete Santander Credit Card activation process is simple and easy for everyone to follow and do it yourself at home, office using your laptop or mobile phone. With online banking you can also report your lost credit card, set your alerts, stop/block services and many other things

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