Their staff in their branches are very unhelpful and have provided wrong information on many occasions. Even their message service also does not work. How secure is it then?

I am concerned about the safety and privacy of my information as they clearly announce all sorts of information, audible to everyone in the bank, fully discussing.

For example, I had to withdraw £350 but their ATM can’t handle that so I had to speak to a teller. As I was leaving, I realized everyone could hear that I now have £350 in cash, totally unsafe!

A little more security, please. when I log in to their account there is a bottom like to talk with the teller, which tells that all login steps are useless if we still need to talk with the teller at the end. Ultimately, I decided to cancel the santader credit card.

Jonathan Kay

Jonathan Kaywent into one of their branches. Here I came to know that my account is expired and I was not notified About it. However, Bridget spent over 30 minutes replacing the account and explaining every action carefully. Would be nice to think she will be there in a years time! Deserves praise as I think she used some of her lunch breaks to help me.


Kad Ahmad

have a business account with Santander and their international banking service, they just called international actually they are not at all is, the worst people to deal. Staff can not follow simple fax instruction in what currency.

I want my payment to be sent. How can they get it wrong on so many events? I am now persuaded, they do this intentional and it’s the same staff. I think as soon as they see my letterhead instructions. I want somebody from the head office to contact me and discuss my issues.



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I have been banking with Santander for 6 years. I received a text from then at 9.00 PM. I was informed that fraudulent activity has taken place on my credit card and that I should immediately contact the bank.

I took action upon this and after about or more then 90 minutes I was able to speak with someone. This bank does not care about its customers the security system they use.

Such as, text messages are insecure they use the cheapest method of contact and when they send you a text how do we know whether it is from the bank or scammer. A scammer can even take your money, who will be a cause of it then?

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