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Santander Zero Credit Card Reviews – Features & Benefits with Real Customer Feedback


Worn out of consuming money on the high credit card interest rate? Thinking to apply for Santander Zero Credit Card? Or confused with All in One & Zero. Zero Credit Card uses for travel purposes, have many features and benefits as it charges no fee for money withdrawals or buys made abroad in the local currency.

Not exclusively do these helpful bits of plastic give you a set basic time of no interest on buys, however, some additionally offer 0% interest on balance transfer temporarily.

As with all travel cards, be sure to pay for purchases abroad in the local currency, not in pounds. By paying in the local currency, you will get a good Santander MasterCard exchange rate. If you elect to pay in pounds instead you’ll be susceptible to an exchange rate chosen by the retailer, which is definitely not suitable for you.

Santander Zero Retailer Offers

In case you plan to utilize Santander Zero credit card in the UK or abroad, a few clients may discover an incentive through Santander’s Retailer Offers. The prizes program can get premium of up to 15% off select retailers, including different grocery stores, supermarkets, entertainment, food, and more – yet clients should effectively deal with their accounts to utilize Retailer Offers. These offers are typically fleeting, lapsing inside fourteen days. The Santander Zero card gives no reward other than these.

Zero Credit Card Balance Transfers

While the Santander Zero has balance transfer-ability, the 3% charge for just a single month of no interest is more awful than the normal transfer deal available on the market.

Santander Zero Credit Card Pros and cons

First of all, have a look at some of the ways a zero interest credit card can be beneficial for you. Regardless of their obvious advantages, 0% interest credit cards have a few drawbacks you ought to know about before you apply

No Interest for a Set Window

You will have to pay zero interest on buys for the introductory duration. Many cards offer six to 18 months duration without interest on buys and purchases and most of the time on balance transfer too.

Helpful for Lowering High-interest Balances

If you are hauling high-interest credit card, you can transfer it to the card that offers a 0% initial APR on balance transfers. This provides you a window of time where interest will not increase balance, so all of your payments will move towards financial debt itself. This enables you to make quicker progress on dropping debt.

Ideal for Large Purchases

If you would like to make a massive purchase, such as television or holiday but need some time to repay it, a 0% interest card is a jumbo asset. For a limited time, you get to carry a balance and space out payments on zero interest.

Balance Exchanges are not Usually Included

Pretty much every 0% APR offer is for new purchase made with the card. A portion of these introductory offers additionally include 0% on balance transfers, yet not all do.

You’ll Still Pay a Balance Transfer Fee

You will still have to pay a balance transfer fee in case you do not find a card with 0% introductory offer on balance. This fee is usually charged on 3% of the transferred balance, so it will be beneficial if you bring over a large amount of balance.

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You can Lose it for Bad Behavior

In case of late payment, the card issuer has authority to end the introductory period. In case you will not have a regular APR; you might get a penalty APR which is 30%.

The APR doesn’t last Forever

Appreciate it while you can, on the grounds that once your 0% starting period is finished, it’s finished. The 0% interest goes on for the length of the early on period, and once it closes, the card will return to its regular APR. This standard rate might not below, so be watchful about carrying a balance in case you’re nearing the finish of your introductory period.

Santander Zero Important Highlights

  • No fee for abroad purchases when made in local currency
  • Simple Credit Card Activation process
  • Welcome cash back offers at major retailers
  • Credit Card login Online Banking or mobile banking for management of accounts and services
  • Link up with Apple Pay

Criteria Applying for Santander Zero Credit Card

  • You must be 18 years old
  • You should be a UK resident
  • You have to earn at least £7,500 per year
  • You must have good credit
  • No CCJs, IVAs, and bankruptcy, within the last 6 years

Santander Zero Credit Card Fees

Transaction Fees ·              No fee on non-Sterling transactions abroad

·              No fee on Santander Credit cash withdrawals

Mobile & Online Banking Santander Retailer Offers ·              Welcome bonus of 5 Retailer Offers up to 25% off

·              Ongoing access to Retailer Offers up to 15% off

Annual Fee      It is the credit card with no annual fee i.e., £0
APR (variable)      18.9% on cash transactions, and balance transfers, and purchase
  • Early repayment fee: £0
  • Late payment fee: £0
  • Arrangement fee: £0
  • Intro purchase rate: 0% for 2 months
  • Purchase rate: 9 %
  • Santander Zero Introductory Offers

    Intro Purchase Rate Period 1
    Balance Transfer Offer Term 1 month
    Balance Transfers Allowed yes
    Introductory Balance Transfer Fee 3 % (minimum £ 5)
    Max Balance Transfer Limit 0 % AER
    Money Transfers Allowed No

    Santander Zero Overseas Use

    Worldwide Transaction Cost of £100 Free
    Cost of £100 Transaction in Europe Free
    International Cash Withdrawal Charges for £100 Free
    Airport Lounge Access No
    Interest on Cash Withdrawals 18.9 % AER

    Santander Zero Charges

    Interest-Free Period on transactions 56 days
    Min Monthly Repayment statutory minimum
    Interest-Free Period on cash withdrawals 0 days
    PurchasesAnnual Interest Rate 18.9 % AER
    Inactivity Fee None
    Returned Payment Charge £ 12
    Over Limit Fee £ 12
    Copy Voucher Charge £ 0
    Copy Statement Charge £ 0
    Late Payment Fee £ 12

    Santander Zero vs Other Credit Cards

To better comprehend the value of the Santander Zero Credit Card you have to see it in respect to other accessible choices so you can choose which will make more an incentive for you.

Santander Zero vs. Barclaycard Platinum Travel Credit Card

The Barclaycard Platinum Travel Credit Card is probably the best credit card for foreign use only if you pay off any and all cash withdrawals before the due date. The best feature of the Barclaycard travel card is that you’ll pay no interest charges at all in case you make your full payment in time. The card will not be as attractive if the foreign transaction fees increase.

Quick Takeout

The Santander Zero charges interest from the date of the transaction until the balance is paid off, which can result in an awful interest charge if you are on vacation. If you pay back your cash transactions promptly after withdrawal from the ATM, you lessen these interest charges. Those who won’t be able to pay back their cash transactions promptly can save more on the Barclaycard Platinum Travelcard.

Santander Zero vs. Santander All in One Credit Card

The Santander All In One Credit Card is an average all-around card, offers a 0.5% cash back rate and no expenses on buys made abroad. The greatest inconveniences to the All In One card are the £3 month to month expense and 3% (£3 least) charge on money withdrawals.

Quick Takeout

These cards are attractive to those who want to manage the Retailer Offers rewards programme in order to have extra incentives. Those charging £600 a month will sufficiently acquire cash back rewards on the All In One to counterbalance the month to month expense. Anybody searching for a simple card to for abroad may discover more an incentive on the Zero as it is free and have no charges on cash withdrawals.

Santander Zero VS Halifax Clarity Credit Card

This card is suitable for travel purposes as you can see in Halifax Clarity Credit card reviews and does not charge any fee on Santander Zero Credit cash withdrawals made abroad in the local currency and it also implies 18.9% (variable) interest rate on cash withdrawals. This can be essential as interest is charged promptly from the date of a cash withdrawal and can rapidly include.

Quick Takeout

Both cards don’t charge fees on foreign transactions. The Halifax charges a lower interest rate on cash withdrawals. Until you don’t pay back your cash withdrawals immediately, these cards will not work nicely.

Santander zero Vs World Elite Master Card

World Elite MasterCard gives you access to 1000 airport lounges and the facility of 1 million Wi-Fi hotspot. It charges no foreign transaction fees on purchases made abroad in local currency. Its representative APR is 49.8% variable and purchase rate is 18.9% p.a variable. It charges $15 on monthly basis.


Both cards don’t charge any fee on foreign transactions. The World Elite Credit Card charges $15 fee on a monthly basis whereas Santander Zero charges NO monthly fees.

Bottom Line

The Santander Zero Credit Card is a MasterCard that can be utilized for travel, however always pay off any money withdrawals as quickly as time permits to constrain interest charges before they hit the time limit.

Random Customer’s Zero Credit Card Reviews

Ian B

It is absolutely fine until you withdraw your own money. Not a concern with giving me a long-winded run around when I wanted to take out 5000 in cash at the branch of my very own money.
Their fake automatic system keeps denying transfers to my own accounts with other banks.
it happens for relatively small quantity. On the plus side, the people I dealt with on the phone were polite and helpful but it takes 45 minutes on the phone every time I want to send myself money and this is really hectic.


These people don’t care about their customers, plain and simple. They only care about making their wage and going home and they are not doing wrong. they put me wrong on my account and they think that is not a big issue? like seriously?

Their staff in their branches are very unhelpful and have provided wrong information on many occasions. Even their message service also does not work. How secure is it then?

I am concerned about the safety and privacy of my information as they clearly announce all sorts of information, audible to everyone in the bank, fully discussing.

For example, I had to withdraw £350 but their ATM can’t handle that so I had to speak to a teller. As I was leaving, I realized everyone could hear that I now have £350 in cash, totally unsafe!

A little more security, please. when I log in to their account there is a bottom like to talk with the teller, which tells that all login steps are useless if we still need to talk with the teller at the end. Ultimately, I decided to cancel santader credit card.

Jonathan Kay

I went into one of their branches. Here I came to know that my account is expired and I was not notified About it. However, Bridget spent over 30 minutes replacing the account and explaining every action carefully. Would be nice to think she will be there in a years time! Deserves praise as I think she used some of her lunch breaks to help me.

Kad Ahmad

I have a business account with Santander and their international banking service, they just called international actually they are not at all is, the worst people to deal. Staff can not follow simple fax instruction in what currency.

I want my payment to be sent. How can they get it wrong on so many events? I am now persuaded, they do this intentional and it’s the same staff. I think as soon as they see my letterhead instructions. I want somebody from the head office to contact me and discuss my issues.


I have been banking with Santander for 6 years. I received a text from then at 9.00 PM. I was informed that a fraudulent activity has taken place on my credit card and that I should immediately contact the bank.

I took action upon this and after about or more then 90 minutes I was able to speak with someone. This bank does not care about its customers the security system they use.

Such as, text messages are insecure they use the cheapest method of contact and when they send you a text how do we know that whether it is from the bank or scammer. A scammer can even take your money, who will be a cause of it then?

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