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How to Spend Avios Points – Avios Points Redemption Guide


Do you want to know how to spend your Avios points wisely? Flights, hotels, upgrades, travel experiences, and car hire: there are hundreds of ways to spend Avios. This article covers the different ways to spend your Avios.

You can redeem Avios points through;

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Car Hires
  • Flight Insurance
  • Worldwide Activities and experiences

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Use Avios to Book Flights

You can use your Avios points with thousands of offers available every day to book flights with British Airways, Aer Lingus, or Iberia. There are so many choices, depending on where and when you want to travel. 8,000 Avios points can get you a return flight to Paris by Aer Lingus.

For 17,000 Avios you will have a return flight to the Canary Islands and if you will save 26,000 Avios, you can have a return flight to New York.

Wisely spend to book flights that cost only 4.5k with flight fees of just $30. Use Avios points to intend yourself at the destination under Avios Travel Reward Programme.

Invest your 13k Avios points to fly from Eastern U.S airports and remember this flight would be one-way.

British Airways Distance-Based Award Chart

british airways distance based avios award chart

Use Avios to Book Hotels

Avios points can be used to book over 100,000 hotels around the world; you can book any hotel from boutique independent hotels to major chains. Every hotel has its own redemption chart.

So, it’s important to know which hotel has easy earning of Avios points and which hotel is not flexible to earn more.

Some hotels in North America offers reward nights, starting from 5k points per night and also there are some hotels which offer each reward night starting from 30k Avios points and 2 free nights at any hotel in a year.

Now, it’s up to you whether you chose to spend 5k or 30k Avios points. To spend your Avios points wisely first you will have to clear that which hotel reward points you will begin with. And this clearance should always be considered before traveling, look at which hotel your credit card earns the best Avios points or bounces.

Avios point earning through Dining is also a big deal. You can also earn and spend your Avios points while Dining with your partner.

You do not need to do anything. Don’t need to ask from the waitress or waiter just use your Avios Credit card to pay the restaurant bill and earn more points and rewards.

One Way Flights Between Huawei to The US

12,500 points are large enough to take a one-way flight from Huawei to America and save your cash to buy expensive tickets from the USA. Many International airways including Alaska and America airlines allows turning redeemed points to top class flights that is the greatest way to use Avios points when having no cash to fly.

earn avios points

Use Avios to Book car hire

You can use Avios to pay for quality car hire from international airports worldwide and can make payment by your Avios that will save your money for the off-the-beaten tracks you’ll discover. The UK generally come up with very expensive car rentals.

You can pay an extra sum to get rid of it. The only and affordable option is to use your Avios points to manage policy. It would cover your total balance within 56 days for rentals each year, annually it costs 1000 Avios points.

For example: if you pay £60, you’ll get 300 Avios points (0.58p per Avios points). This option is helpful only when you are Avios rich and a cash-poor person. And it is really better than buying from a rental company.

Use Avios Points in Flight Insurance

Flight insurance means: secure your flight by spending some Avios points. To ensure your flight you will have to pay some charges ranging from £0 £to 150 that will give you huge benefits. It will provide you with 24-hour emergency protection and assistance if needed. It also insured your children under 4 without any hidden costs. Redeemed Avios points can be used to cover up multiple worldwide trips up to the maximum age of 74.

Redeem Avios points on worldwide activities and experiences

you can Spend your earned Avios points to take a world tour and can experience everything from whale watching to the Great Wall of China. To Redeem Avios points check flight map and start exploring the world. You can Spend 1 Avios point to get 0.5% back if going with reward flights. With millions of offers every day, there are billion of places around the world to use your Avios points.

Use Avios to upgrade your Flight

Travel in style by using your Avios points to upgrade ticket from economy to business class which will give you a fully lie-flat seat and comfortable dining.  The required amount of Avios to upgrade your ticket varies by d

ate of travel and route. Presently a one-way upgrade from Miami or Seattle by Air Lingus is 46,250 Avios.

free air ticket with avios

Business class travels represent fantastic, stunning trips having flatbeds and other travel accessories. Only 20,000 points and sometimes cash is enough to turn an economy flight.

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