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Sunny Payday Loan Review – Unbiased Customer Feedback


Payday loans are simply described as short-term and type of unsecured loans. If you take this loan make sure that it charges you give high interest. There are many Indirect & Direct Lenders in the UK providing competitive services. In case of Sunny, you can get a payday loan on the amount of £100 to £2,500. It has some lending requirements you need to fill with. Many of the customers are very happy with payday loan advantages and recommend others to try Sunny for fulfilling their expectations. Sunny is one of top payday loan lenders in UK.

The Good in Sunny
– Reliable
– Trust Worthy
– Good Customer Service
– Easy Access
– Easy to Use
– Convenient
– Quick Service
The Bad in Sunny
– Payback Problems
– High-Interest rate
– Terrible Company
– Irresponsible
– High Service Charges

By George Hughes

The sunny payday loan is often well grounded with the low-interest rate. Low-interest rate directly shows that any person with enough money can apply for this loan. This is because he will not face a problem when paying back.

By Roman

People are satisfied with their customer service that customer service is 100% and customer service providers are really friendly and give quick responses. If you want to ask some questions then don’t hesitate, they treat you like doctor treat his patient.

By John

Sunny is a well-known company located in the UK. Before providing service they guide you with all sunny payday loans rules and regulations. They don’t hide any fees from their customers. People who can not receive loan fro their bank they have another way to get the loan, which is to resort to this company confidently. Some people need credit card option that they need so you can pay back early, as it makes refunds so remain in the tension-free process of the loan.

By Saad Sultan

Really easy to use. It keeps on sending updates through the application is not updated. Many of sites stop sending their updates when it is not updated. Absolutely I’ll use it again and again and will recommend to other people as well.

By Zoe

It is convenient to loan every time for the short term if you got an account with them. With a few clicks, you get your money in your account without taking many hours it just takes a few minutes with daily APR.

By Leia

Have had two loans with Sunny now they’re very helpful and friendly and would recommend to anyone. 10/10

By Christina

Usually, many people have complained about its high-interest rate. Some time interest rates are so much high that people ones think about before applying.

By Julian

Terrible company of all companies. If you don’t want a headache then avoid thinking about Sunny payday loan. From the start, they lend your money by this you return back the loan early. In addition to this when you ask for the loan again they refuse you and spite you from the website that you are no more eligible.

By Rachel

Loan Lenders are totally irresponsible. They don’t pay attention to your quarries and often neglect. They don’t give quick responses. I will never use a payday loan again. They charge too much though their percentage is lower than others. I would recommend if they have better credit rating I would not touch them.

Final Words

Conclusively, Sunny Payday Loan Review has a combination of both good and bad depending upon each customer experiences. It doesn’t mean to be the best because of the good ones and bad because of the bad ones. The main thing to before applying any loan is to check its interest rate, service charges, late payment fee, application processing and approval time. Few companies do not check credit history and deposits into your account on the same day but other may take a 1-2 working day for approval and further proceedings.

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