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Vanquis Credit Card Reviews


Vanquish Credit card reviews will help you to find out the features, pros, and cons of the credit card. You will get to know by Vanquis  Bank Credit Card reviews that what type of features does vanquish customers like.

What is Vanquis Credit card?

The Vanquis Credit Card is one of the many Credit Builder Credit Cards accessible in the UK that is especially suitable for those who have a bad credit rating. The card allows you to buy goods and services both in the UK and overseas whether over the phone or online. In result, you are borrowing money because you are provided with a credit limit that you can spend up to and, if you do not pay balances in full by the due date every month, you will have to pay interest. Vanquis credit cards are also helpful for cash withdrawals at many ATMs around the globe with a 3% withdrawal fee, but for using abroad 2.99% non-sterling transaction fee will be applied. A monthly statement will be sent to you and you will be needed to pay a % of the balance monthly.

The APR of Vanquis Visa Credit Card is higher than a lot of other credit cards on the market because the card is aimed towards those who may have a few flaws on their credit file.

Representative 39.9% APR (variable)

Vanquis credit card offers their customers the best way to manage their credit limit by initially giving a maximum limit of £1,000, after proving that this will be paid in time, this amount can increase every five months until it reaches of £4,000. Vanquis Credit Card also gives tips on their website to help customers learn about how to manage and use their credit. It is really simple for customers to stay up-to-date with their balance, statements and payment dates through management tools on the website. Customers can check the details by login, which will support them not to cross the limit and incur charges.

Vanquis Credit card Features

A Reasonable Starting Credit Limit

As a new client, you’ll begin with a simply manageable credit limit somewhere in the range of £150 and £1,000. After your fifth statement, you might be eligible for a credit limit increase that will further increase up to £4,000 every 5 months,

Responsive UK Customer Service Call Center

Vanquish credit card offers responsible and consistent help at whenever you need. Vanquish UK Customer Service agents are extremely upbeat to tune in to your necessities and help.

Supple Card Repayment Options

Life is volatile at sometimes and your circumstances can change at any time. That’s why Vanquish poor credit cards give flexibility to budget so that you pay off what you can afford each month.

Benefits of a Vanquis Card

In case of poor credit history or no credit history at all, Vanquish credit card may help you improve or build your credit rating with the credit reference agencies. It can be used widely in the UK and abroad to purchase things and to withdraw cash up to a certain limit even if currently you don’t have the funds in a bank current or savings account. You can pay the monies back over a complete period of time even if interest can be payable.

A 56 days interest-free period is given on purchase transactions. This means that. if within 56 days, you pay off the amount of a transaction, from using your card to purchase the item, you will not pay interest on that amount as long as you have paid off a least of two consecutive current statement balances in full or on time.

Eligibility Criteria Applying for Vanquis Credit Card

Applying for Vanquis credit card you must:

  • Be aged at least 18
  • Be a UK resident
  • No bankruptcy
  • Contactable by phone

How to Apply for a Vanquis Credit Card?

The application process is fast and simple. If you meet the above criteria and application requirements, you will be able to sign up for a credit card for bad credit by filling the online application form on the Vanquis bank website. The Vanquis bank will do credit reference search and Vanquis Bank will confirm both your identity and address. An immediate decision is frequently provided to know that whether you have been accepted or rejected.

How to Manage the Account with Vanquis Bank?

It is easy to register with eVanquis so that you can use the Internet banking service. This service will enable you to do things like making a balance inquiry, checking transactions by getting an online statement and paying funds into your credit card account to decrease or clear the amount.

SMS account management is also available.

Vanquis Credit Card Monthly Charges and Payments

There is no monthly and annual administration fee. There are other fees potentially payable i.e increasing your credit card limit, withdraw cash by ATM using your card making the minimum monthly payment.

Making Balance Transfers with Vanquis Card

It is possible to transfer the balance of the Vanquis Credit Card to the account of any other provider. This is only attractive if the other provider charged a lower interest rate as this would save your money. It is also possible to transfer money from your Vanquis Credit Card account to a bank account.

Using Vanquis Credit Card Abroad

Vanquish credit card can be used overseas everywhere the Visa sign is displayed. So it is good to use it on holidays to purchase goods in shops or for a meal in a restaurant or to pay for hiring a vehicle and insurance. Vanquish credit card can also be used at ATMs worldwide for cash withdrawals.

Vanquis Credit Card Credit Limit Increase

Vanquis Credit  Card Credit Limit can be increased up to £4,000 if you stay within your Credit Limit and make timely payments.

How to Pay  Vanquis Credit Card Bill?

There are a number of ways to payVanquis credit card bill by making payment into your credit card account. Like

  • You can also complete a pre-printed giro which is attached to your credit card statement. pay them in over the counter at your bank or at the Post Office.
  • A cheque is also to send with a pre-printed giro in the post to Vanquis Bank.
  • Registered with eVanquis to access your credit card account online and make payments by debit card. You can also set up a direct debit.

Penalties for late payment

You will be charged £12 as a late payment fee.

Interest Rate of Vanquis Credit Card

The interest rate relies upon your credit history with the information that is on your application form and the credit reference agencies. You are supposed to pay a high-interest rate with Vanquis credit card. APR is also high for those that are supposed to be a greater risk. Cash withdrawals draw a higher rate of interest when you buy items using the credit card.

Vanquis Card Fees

Maximum APR %

  • The arrangement fee is £0
  • Early repayment fee is £0
  • Late payment fee is £0

Bottom Line

Vanquis credit card often accepts people that have a bad credit history or even don’t have any credit history. This card is accepted worldwide as making purchases and cash withdrawals. Vanquish credit card is accessible 24/7 that makes it fast and easy to manage. It has a high-interest rate. To avoid high-interest rate you must make your monthly payments on time.

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