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Wonga Payday Loan Alternatives


To cope with the situation when you are facing an immediate financial loss and your bank balance is not enough to fulfil the expenses, a payday loan lender is one of the solutions that provide you with a quick short term loan amount to manage immediate debt. If you are having trouble to fulfil your immediate financial needs, you may need to get a payday loan assistance.

Wonga lenders provide payday loan that diminishes the gap between the present day and the next day. Wonga lenders offer large payday loans and accept short-term loans as well. Wonga providers aim to make your loan experience as good as they can. You may easily find best loan lender in UK in search of a quick payday loan service.

Wonga Payday Eligibility Criteria

Wonga provides long-term loans for regular Wonga customers. If you found Wonga as a suitable option get a start. To meet with, there are some eligibility terms;

  • Must be a permanent UK Citizens
  • Must of age 18 or over
  • You have an active Bank account
  • Applicant must have a trustable source of income

Thinking to get Refunds from Wonga?

Wonga Payday Loan Alternatives

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WizzCash Payday Loan Lenders

WizzCash Payday loan lender is one of the alternatives of Wonga Payday loan lenders in the UK. WizzCash offers its customers with completely online services. WizzCash offers quick cash immediately right now in your pocket. As a Wonga Payday loan alternatives, WizzCash offers direct loan lending service after a simple approval process.

Apply for WizzCash

You can get a loan from WizzCash lenders, after these few steps

  • Share your personal Information with WizzCash like your Name, address, email, ID card number etc.
  • Share your work details, your monthly income, status etc.
  • Active Bank Account details
  • Like Wonga, WizzCash sends you an approval notice after processing your given information.

Get Approval

After a while you will receive an email or letter, the letter will be of approval or of rejection based on your given information. If your application will be approved, the next step is to take insights about the loan you are going to borrow.

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Collect Cash

Now after selection of loan amount and other agreements, you will get loan amount into your active bank account within 15minutes.

WizzCash Offer its customers immediate financial support with 15 minutes after application approval. Wonga offers minimum for £300 and the maximum limit is £1200 or more for regular customers. WizzCash claims to be Wonga’s alternative and offer’s £300 – £1000 for their customers.

Quick Quid Payday Loan Lenders

If you are searching for an instant payday loan, QuickQuid reviews are good & it is a perfect choice every time. If Bank credit is low and you are facing troubles to access any help come to QuickQuid. QuickQuid offers utterly convenient but still its not no credit check payday loan lender to its customers.

Quick Quid Payday Loan Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a QuickQuid payday loan you must meet the following requirement;

  • 18 years of age is necessary to apply for a QuickQuid Loan
  • Permanent UK Citizen
  • Must have a valid active bank account
  • Your working status shows your eligibility to repay

QuickQuid warmly welcomes to you if you meet with these requirements and also in need of a short-term loan.

Write down Application

Check your eligibility and go ahead towards the next step. Write down the application and submit it to the lenders. Wait for the approval letter. You will receive an approval email or via message. If an email contains an acceptance letter, now the next step is to select an affordable loan amount, QuickQuid offers £200 – £1000. Be conscious while selecting loan amount, the one that will be easy when repay.

After signing an agreement, get your loan deposited in bank account. Every time when you are in need, and seeking for a best short-term payday loan lender, Search for QuickQuid Loans and get your required amount within a second, the process will be completely online.

You have bad credit and still, need a loan? Here is a guide on How to get Payday loan with bad credit.

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PiggyBank Payday Loan

PiggyBank is a direct loan lender, 100% authorized in the UK. You can borrow from PiggyBank up to £1000 and maximum repay limit is 90 days and if sometimes one fails to repay on time, £15 will be default fees for each late payment.

PiggyBank Payday Loan Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a payday loan from PiggyBank you;

  • Must have to clear your initial loan from the interest
  • Start with a new loan agreement

PiggyBank always stays connected with their customers and provide them with the solution to their financial problems. To be eligible for PiggyBank loan, the most favourable condition is your credit history, that must be clear and fine.

If you want to lend money from piggybank, be careful about your credit history. Your application approval is sometimes based on your past repayment priorities. Once your application approved, you will get loan amount within less than a second because piggybank is responsible for its lending services. PiggyBank allows its users to discuss every problem regarding payday loans, they claim to do efforts to make their experience great with piggybank.

WageMe Payday Loan

WageMe payday lenders provide short-term loans for sudden unconscious circumstances. You can claim for the WageMe payday loan if you are in need of an immediate financial support. WageMe offers affordable and smart ways to get money for a sudden need. WageMe offers short-term loans ranging from £50 – £1,000, you can select a loan amount that is affordable for you when repay. The WageMe payday loan is preferable for most of the people because their loan requirements to be eligible are mostly zero.

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Submit your application for WageMe instant loans and if approved, get balance into your active bank account and in 4 minutes, Application will be completed online. WageMe payday lenders claim to transfer payment as fast as they can into your account but the matter is, whether your bank accepts or deliver fast payments. And if your Bank account doesn’t accept fast payments WageMe try their best to deliver you with 48 hours. only wants you to be a permanent UK citizen.

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Pound-to-Pocket Payday Lenders

Pound to pocket offers customized short-term loans to meet with its customer’s timely needs. It allows its users to borrow more than £2000 and pay it back within 12 months or less, that’s why we can say that pound to the pocket is an affordable and straightforward way to get an instant loan. Despite every positive/plus point, another bright side of Pound to pocket lenders is that they offer big-loans also, that may be of £2,000.

Pound-to-Pocket Payday Loan Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a Pound to pocket one must be a

  • Permanent UK Citizen
  • The active UK based valid account
  • 18 years of age

Pounds to the pocket is more than other lenders because they are not charging any hidden charges late payments, default charges and interest rates etc.

Apply for Pounds-to-Pocket PayDay Loan Lenders

Check eligibility, if done now write an application to request for an immediate payday loan. Wait for the approval mail, if you are approved as a customer at pounds to pocket you will get a response within seconds because they now that waiting is the worst thing ever.

Select Loan Amount

 Now your request is almost completed. Select the amount of loan you are going to borrow, but keep in mind always borrow the amount that is suitable for you to repay in future. You can manage to borrow from £200 to more than £2,000 and will be repaid back within 35days and if you fail to repay the loan amount on time you may face some additional charges.

Get Deposit in your Account

Check your account balance and be surprised to get your required loan amount within seconds into the account.

Wonga provides its payday loan services since late and its customers also appreciate but if you think Wonga payday lenders is not the right choice then you may consider some of the above instant payday lenders.

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